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Dos and Don'ts of Your College's Twitter & Instagram

Posted by Addi Rogers on Aug 28, 2014 9:20:00 AM

Ever wonder what gets people to stop scrolling and double tap your Insta, or pause and hit that little star below your tweet? Wonder no more because the dos and don’ts of directing social media towards college students have been revealed.



Post too often: If there was ever a way to annoy followers and motivate people to make the effort to go to your profile and click “unfollow,” it’s by doing this. Stick to, at the most, one or two posts a day, and you’re in the clear.

Post too infrequently: There seems to be no point in following anyone that only posts a photo once a month. Make sure that your social media presence is known, but not annoying.

Post pictures of the same things all the time: There are only so many times a college student wants to see pictures of that famous landmark on campus each month. Spice up your follower’s newsfeeds with new subjects and perspectives each week.


Include students: Most students would happily pose with the school mascot for a photo and allow it to be posted on the official University Instagram. This is also a way to potentially gain followers.

Update it with new and exciting things happening on campus: Let students know about fun or important things occurring on campus by snapping and posting photos of what’s going on.

Keep captions short and sweet: Chances are students will be checking their newsfeeds sporadically and no one wants to read a novel written below a photo. Make sure to cater your captions to short attention spans and say what you want to say without saying too much.



Provide unnecessary links in your tweets: The likelihood of students actually clicking on the links included in tweets is slim. Try not to do this too often and if necessary, make sure it’s particularly pertinent to the tweet.

Retweet others too often: No one likes it when their newsfeed is clogged up with irrelevant retweets. Stay in the clear by only retweeting info that pertains to students and doing it only when it seems especially relevant.

Post lengthy tweets: Avoid reaching that 140 character limit. Keep your tweets brief, informative and engaging and students will be more likely to read them.


Include interesting photos: Awesome photos attached to tweets do nothing but enhance whatever you’re communicating. Be sure the photo is connected to the subject of the tweet and that it is visually pleasing before posting

Respond to direct tweets: If students have simple questions directed at your college’s Twitter, answer them! Chances are the answers will be simple, and responding shows that you care about the students.

Include humor: Entertain your followers by tweeting out a funny joke or endearing photo of your college’s mascot. Just because it’s a social media profile relating to a college doesn’t mean it has to be all about academics.


And there you have it, higher educators! The secrets are out. So, clean up your higher ed social media and get the follows and likes you've always been dreaming of.


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