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Double Tap for Happily Ever After: Weddings in the Social Media Age

Posted by Lindsey Barnes on Jul 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM


If you've been to a wedding in the past 4-5 years then you've probably noticed that social media plays a significant role. With the incorporation of social media comes Snapchat filters, creative hashtags on multiple platforms, live streaming, and more. In addition to using social media during weddings, it can be used in the planning process as well. Inspiration for your wedding can be found on Pinterest boards, Instagram and other social media websites. Millennials prefer their weddings to be unique and trendy rather than traditional. Did you really even go to a wedding if you didn't post a Snapchat story from the reception or Instagram a picture with the wedding hashtag?

I sat down with Julie Bunkley, a well known and talented wedding planner of the Auburn, Birmingham, and Atlanta areas, to talk about milliennials, their weddings, and social media. Watch what she has to say.  

So, from talking to Julie and exploring the wedding scene on social media, I have come up with some social media tips to follow for the next wedding you attend whether you're a guest or you're the lucky one getting married:  

Create and use a website: In our digital world, creating a website for a wedding is far from anything new. Websites can be created and shared with guests to provide them with wedding reception addresses, hotel suggestions, directions, engagement photos, registry for online gift order (no trip to the store needed), and RSVP-ing to the actual event online. Having all of this information in one space is handy for guests because they can access this from anywhere, including their smart phones when they're on the go. The Knot is a great place to make your website and has been popular among millennials. The couple can also share the link to their websites with their guests via social media platforms. And let's be honest, who actually is good at keeping up with paper copies of invitations, no matter how beautiful it might be.  

During the ceremony, turn your cell phone OFF: Most likely the bride and groom are not going to want you to be snapping pictures with your phones during the actual wedding ceremony. They don't need anything distracting them while reading their vows, so don't be the one to ruin their special moment. The wedding photographers will take care of documenting this. So unless you are told otherwise, try to at least silence your phone during the ceremony and put it away. The urge to post on social media can wait for the reception.

No pictures of the bride please: One super important thing to keep in mind is to not ruin the excitement for anyone by posting a picture of the bride before she walks down the aisle. She will not be happy. If you take a selfie make sure its not on Snapchat, just save it in your camera roll for posting after she's walked down the aisle. She will appreciate this tremendously. 

Use the #hashtag: If there is a hashtag for the wedding, chances are the couple spent a lot of time brainstorming to come up with the best one. So by all means use the hashtag. The great thing about wedding hashtags is that they work beyond just a funny hashtag on your post they are also so people know whose wedding you're attending. By clicking on the hashtag it allows everyone who was at the wedding to scroll through Instagram posts and Twitter posts that were taken from the wedding, making it kind of like a social media photo album of the special occasion.

pexels-photo-318540.jpegSnapchat: It's inevitable that if you have Snapchat that you're going to send out some selfies whether that be on your story or by mass snap. So, while you're snapping away at the reception, make sure you check out if there was a personalized Geo filter created for the wedding and add it to your Snapchat masterpiece. Also don't be afraid to Snapchat the scenery and the decor. The couple and wedding planner spent a lot of time on this aspect so capturing their handwork for future inspiration or admiration is just fine. 

Don't feel like you have to post something right away: The itch to post on social media so all of your followers can see what fun activities you're up to is real. You may be eager, but it might be best to wait until the next day. First, you never know if the picture you took the night before will still look as great to you in the morning. Second, don't spend your time at the reception flipping through filters, cropping, and coming up with a caption that incorporates the hashtag. Once you've got your post-worthy pictures, get off your phone, enjoy the party, and help celebrate with the lovely couple that just got hitched. 

Following these simple social media tips ensures you will have the best happily ever after wedding experience either as a guest or as a bride or groom. 

With any event whether that be a wedding or not, comes planning and strategies to bring your guests in. If you'd like to learn more about how to use inbound marketing for an event, download our FREE guide. 

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