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Five dentists doing social media right

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Jul 9, 2015 11:01:00 AM

Let’s face it. The medical field is competitive and it becomes even trickier when you’re in a specialized practice like dentistry. Just like any other small business, it is important that a dentist’s office has a continuous flow of attracting new patients while retaining loyal ones. This process becomes an equation. Don’t worry, we’re not getting too technical here, but social media marketing can be detailed down to a science.

This includes understanding your patients and building relationships with them in order to ensure positive word-of-mouth communication, which travels far beyond the dentist’s chair. One of the best ways to do that in the digital world is to join the conversation using social media. To help you gather inspiration and think outside of the box, we’ve picked the top five dentists doing social media right.




1. TenderCare Dental 

Rated number one in the United States by 1Dental for its strategies, TenderCare Dental makes dentistry interesting and family-oriented using a range of platforms. For starters, TenderCare made a wise decision to utitlize the most popular sites in order to attract awareness to their business. Based out of Portland, Oregon, its team showcases elements that are unique to TenderCare using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. From written to visual, the content that fills these pages are positive and interactive.

For example, the office celebrates a patient’s visit by taking a picture with their #TenderBear, as well as encourages patients to join in on a dental hygiene trivia post. While many strategies are applied, the lesson behind TenderCare’s is simple. It understands that having a strong customer base begins with building an even stronger relationship by creating posts that foster patient engagement.

2. Brookside Dental Care

With more than 2,000 likes on Facebook and 4,000 followers on Twitter, Brookside Dental Care makes its mission clear to its patients by providing frequent, informative and visually appealing posts to all four of their social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. Visual content is a major factor in patient interaction and interest. According to a study by Hubspot, visual content marketing receives more than 94 percent of views than traditional text.

Think about it. No one wants to read blocks of information about teeth whitening, and Brookside Dental understands that by using YouTube to post videos of its dental transformations, as well as showcasing a variety of colorful infographics that teach adults and children “The Best Way to Floss Your Teeth” or “What You Need to Know About Tooth Sensitivity.” So you see, it’s easy to dress up your educational content once you’re ready to be creative.

3. Asheville Family Dentistry 

Wait one second. You didn’t think Pinterest was only for crafts and baking did you? Asheville Family Dentistry defies that stereotype with a strong online presence, especially on Pinterest. With 17 boards ranging from “our pint sized patients” to “helpful information,” this dentistry highlights its patients, staff and expertise in a fun and organized way. Moreover, the fact that they are a family owned and operated business shines through on its social platforms. This includes Facebook posts of behind-the-scenes shots of their staff photos and even “Welcome to the Family” profiles.

Asheville Family Dentistry proves the point that familiarity in social media marketing can impact a patient’s decision of whether or not to choose your services. If they already feel like they know that your staff is friendly and the dentist is accredited, you’re doing it right. It is not only important to make your patients feel welcome when they walk in the door, but also on your social sites. If you’re a family dentistry, go ahead and consider your patients a part of your  tree.

4. Young Family Dental 

Don’t excuse social media marketing campaigns for firms or big businesses. Small companies have a creative voice too. Young Family Dental is a perfect representation of how they took a simple concept and made it into a campaign of celebration with the “No Cavity Club.” Whether you’re an adult or a toddler, this dentist office takes the time to congratulate and celebrate their patients by posting their picture to the office's social media accounts with a sign stating they joined the "No Cavity Club." This is a great tactic to use if you’re looking to personalize your business as well. Personalization in marketing has the power to make your patients feel like they are one of a kind and a distinct asset to your business, which they are. No mouth is the same and it’s time to treat your patients to their unique customer service standards.

5. Hinsdale Dentiststry 

Original content is worth more than a gold crown in the inbound marketing industry (okay maybe not that much), but it does allow your business to stand above competitors. Whether it’s “How to Love Going to the Dentist” or “Is Invisalign worth It?” Hinsdale Dentistry captures the fact that blogging is one of the best ways to let your company’s voice be heard and provide informative content. Furthermore, it helps patients find what particular services your office will offer, but in a detailed context.

Manuals and brochures can be boring to a patient if they aren’t formatted in a visually appealing way. Therefore, YouTube and digital content will be your best option. In particular, this dentist office provides lively patient testimonials and even a virtual office tour to ensure potential patients that they are the denistry to choose. Most of all, these tools and tactics can help foster trust and transform newcomers into loyal patients.


Mouth mirrors, dental probes and scalers Oh my! Remember that social media marketing and management is what you make it. It’s not scary (like the dentist) unless you approach it without a plan. With this in mind, it is important to design not only educational, but creative posts that fit the story of your office. You can only talk about root canals for so long until you bore somebody. So what are you waiting for? Put down the toothpaste and get started today by transforming your social media marketing strategies below. 

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