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Five Key Things to Incorporate in Your Blog Posts

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Jun 9, 2015 9:30:38 AM

Think about it. A blog is simply pieces of words, sentences and paragraphs put together to form a masterpiece of thoughts. Similar to that 100 piece puzzle wedged in your closet, a blogger must muster up the willpower to create remarkable content and fit it into their brand’s story in order to create a bigger picture. While it’s one thing to write good content, it’s another to have your readers read and engage in it. For this to occur, your readers must connect those components together in order to realize its full potential. What sets an average blog post apart from one that helps your readers connect the puzzle? Below we’ll review five key things to incorporate in your blog posts.




Hype up your headline

With the rapid adoption of smart phones, tablets and Wi-Fi hotspots, it is no secret that we live in a digital world with minimal attention spans. In this reality, it’s important to grab your readers while you can, and the best way to do that is with a headline that leaps off the page. If you lose your audience even in the first few sentences, there is no hope for them to read the remainder of your content that you worked hard to create. This attraction must be developed by digging deep into their imagination, interests and desires in order to move them deeper into your content.

Give it space

Now that you have your readers’ attention, it’s time to nurture it. Bullet points, subheadings and images are key things to incorporate into your blog posts in order to break up your written content. For instance, would you rather read a page of blocky paragraphs or listed subjects? Here at Verge Pipe Media we choose the latter. The name of the game is to make your content readable and easy to digest.

Visualize your content

Your content can go from drab to fab by making it visually appealing. As social platforms treat blogs with images more prominently, visuals now play a key role for a blog’s success. Writers who embrace visual content will be able to tell their company’s and blog’s story much better as opposed to just words. Plus, let’s face it, our brains aren’t changing. According to a recent study, more than 90 percent of information transmitted into those bad boys is visual.

“Be youer than you”

It's okay if you’re the square peg in the round hole as long as it’s you. Just like Dr. Seuss said there is no one that is youer than you. With this in mind, it is essential to be authentic in your blog posts and let your writing style shine through. Each one of us has unique tastes and personalities. Therefore, it’s important to let those qualities stand out, but how do you put yourself into the story? Create a one-on-one experience for your readers by sharing your business’ passions and core values. Most of all authenticity goes hand-in-hand with transparency. Do not be afraid to be an open book with your audience by sharing your learned lessons as well. By the time your audience has reached your conclusion, they will have grown to trust your company and view it as a credible source.

Share if you care

The goal of your blog is increase page visits, leads and customers, so why not let your friend social media play a part? After you have put your finishing touches on your written masterpiece, be sure to link your company’s social media platforms into the blog post itself in order to foster shareability. What makes readers share your post with others is your ability to provide actionable steps and allow your ideas to impact your audience. So go on! Get typing.


Remember that informative does not mean boring. Although blogging is vital to your company success, you want to have fun with this process while providing your best solutions. Ready to learn how to write better blogs for your clients? Click the link below. 

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