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Five Law Firms Doing Social Media Right

Posted by Kelvin Mastin on Jul 7, 2015, 9:11:00 AM

Attorneys abide by order in the courtroom, but it can be hard for law firms to have order when it comes to social media. Law firms are kind of like that great aunt that everyone likes to love from afar. People don't really want to talk to her unless they need something. They still love that aunt, and they're glad that she's alive but talking to her is just not on the list of things to do at the 4th of July cookout.


Even though law services have great benefits, they are notoriously percieved as boring, rigid, and rather cutthroat. This could make online conversation kind of difficult. Still, a successful business in any industry needs to have some kind of digital presence. Law offices are not an exception. Here are five examples of attorneys that rightly preside over their social media pages.

1. Beasley Allen Law Firm

This firm, based in Montgomery, Alabama, does well using their online voice in one of the best ways a firm can. They educate people on how to avoid legal problems. This firm uses Facebook to publicize their educational blog called Righting Injustice that educates readers about product recalls, consumer fraud, workplace safety tips, and other like issues. They've recently started a series of stories called "The Fraud List" that examines and exposes repeat fraud offenders. Educational information is always a good way to engage your followers. 

2. Lexington Law Firm

Lexington Law is a consumer advocacy firm that helps provide credit repair for their clients. This firm is very good at responding to their followers on Facebook. This is an important point for every business, not just law practices. Responding shows that you care about your clients; it shows that you are actively communicating with your followers, listening to their concerns, and helping solve their problems. Learn more about social media customer service here.

3. Ryan Morrison Law

Ryan Morrison Law is a firm that handles the legal needs of video game studios. Ryan Morrison, who is better known on Twitter as the Video Game Attorney, knows how to get his followers talking using Q&A sessions. Like I said before, talking to old Aunt Hilda isn't necessarily pleasant, but you may be more inclined to interact with her if you are the one leading the conversation, asking questions, and getting interesting and helpful answers. Now Mr. Morrison has the benefit of being an entertainment attorney so more people will be more comfortable talking to him. But, if you can find a way to make your Q&A sessions interesting and fun for your followers you can enjoy more feedback from them. 

4. Katie Crow Law

Like the Beasley Allen firm, this family law attorney is great at educating followers on legal issues, but Katie Crow Law is also great at educating followers on general life tips their target clients would care about. Most if not all law offices have a specialty in an area of law, so producing content that aims to educate or empower your target client in their daily lives is going to help you focus your social media efforts and delight those who've already used your services. 

5. The Wininger Law Firm LLC

This Birmingham firm rules against the notion that law practices are boring and rigid. By posting pictures of their members, partners, and associates, they give their firm a personality and a face. They don't just post pictures either. This firm makes sure to keep their followers updated on their member accomplishments as well as their community engagement. This makes the firm more relatable, and it allows them to build a better connection with their followers. 

Just like Great Aunt Hilda at the family reunion, people don't really like to engage with law offices unless they need their services. This doesn't mean that online engagement is hopeless. These five examples show you how to effectively preside over your social media accounts by helping your followers avoid legal problems, giving your followers helpful tips, responding to their concerns, being open to their questions, and showing your personality. People will talk to you, Great Aunt Hilda, but you just have to say the right things to get the conversation going. Click below to discover more tips on how to make lovable marketing for your firm!

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photo credit: United States Code Books via photopin (license)

(Full Disclosure: Katie Crow Law is a client of Verge Pipe Media's.)

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