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Four Steps to Creating Content Offers in Higher Education

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Aug 17, 2015 8:44:05 AM

Whether they’re learning their shapes and colors or sitting in a macroeconomics lecture hall, content creation at any education level is a common challenge for marketers both at K-12 and higher education offices. Just like learning, curating content offers is a long term and rewarding process and should be taken in baby steps before you have big shoes to fill. In order to make the most of this journey, here are four tips to help your marketing team leverage existing content, create content offers in higher education and draw qualified leads. Pay attention like it’s the first day of school folks because it will pass by quickly!



1. Evaluate your current content 

Five letters. A.U.D.I.T. To ensure that your school is putting its best foot forward, audit your current content to determine which pieces of information had the highest performance levels over the course of six weeks, six months or a year. This includes paying close attention to content that generated a greater number of leads or drove social shares across your industry. For example, did your post about careers from last fall lead to more form submissions or did your tip sheet from three months ago put you in the spotlight? Don’t be afraid to throw in your best players and recycle content that performed well. 

2. Identify your most popular methods 

Similar to auditing your current offers, analyzing your former and current efforts is crucial to creating new and improved content. Whether you’re working with an eBook, blog post, presentation or webinar be sure to identify topics or formats that resulted in more views than others. Think about it. Did your white papers perform better than your fact sheets? When you need leads understand you should start with what worked in the first place and rejuvenate the little things. People still judge a book by its cover and if the title or visuals to your offer are unappealing, chances are that neither students nor parents are going to download them. 

3. Work with your most valuable resources 

When it comes to questions that students and parents may have, your university’s admissions office more than likely has the answers. Admissions officers and counselors are meeting with students and parents every day answering questions about student life, financial aid or living on campus. More often than not, your university’s admissions team are the first faces that prospective students and families are seeing. So, equip them with your higher education marketing knowledge. Not only can your team use their information to create applicable offers, but offer them resources to nurture leads.

4. Package your best picks

Content and offers tied up with visuals. These are a few of your leads' favorite things. While a compelling content offer can attract the right attention, it’s important to take it the extra mile in order to gain big results. By packaging your content offers with other resources, your college can make a substantial download. Have a two minute video from an admissions officer or an application FAQ page? Bundle pieces together that are relevant to your offer and make a toolkit!


Keep in mind that the content offers that you create on a daily basis may perform better at different times depending on what stage of the decision process your target audience is in. With that piece of advice, be sure that your content is timeless and has the ability to “wow” the ones who matter the most months to come. If you want to learn more about what we do and how to increasing traffic to your website, download our FREE ebook below!


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