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Generating Leads Through Social Media

Posted by K'yani Gross on Jun 21, 2016 8:00:00 AM

In today's market, you have the ability to market your brand in so many ways- meaning the possibilty of generating leads has also increased, which is a huge advantage for businesses. Specifically, Social media is a way to network with the world and provides businesses with the opportunity to dabble in globalization. There are quite a few ways to generate leads through social media.



Businesses have in mind what kind of people their products are tailored for. According to the information of your buyer personas, you will be able to filter through individuals profiles to invesigate a potential lead. Browse through your social media friends/followers and see if they will be a lead worth following up on. If you find people who match your criteria, you may have generated a few leads through research. 


Post creative statuses that informs individuals about your business! You can easily generate a lead by peaking an interest or two. You should also provide links so that people on social media can gain further knowledge about who you are as a business. Don't just provide the basic information about your product or company. You must engage your audience's minds. 


Social media is a platform for individuals to connect with one another. Many businesses make the mistake of being very rigid and formal. People are more apt to read your posts or buy your products if you are relatable. A business-potential buyer relationship is very important. You must build rapport, connect with your potential lead, and follow through. 

Social media has allowed business to generate leads through the internet. Businesses must take advantage of the amount of individuals gathered on these sites. There are plenty of users who will match your buyer personas. It is up to the company to generate the leads by knowing how to utilize social media to their advantage. 

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