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Getting to know Event Tactical in a new light

Posted by Don Crow on Oct 30, 2014 2:15:28 PM

It was mid-February, 2012 and I was reading an article about how the city of Indianapolis "created" a social media command center to help visiting fans get more out of their visit to, "the racing capital of the world," while they supported a football game.

The idea was fascinating to me and began turning around in my mind for the next six months. Eventually, with the help of a co-founder, Event Tactical was hatched in the Spring of 2013.


We had one client right away, and several more in the wings. Life was good, the checks were clearing the bank, and then my co-founder decided we weren't growing fast enough for her taste. Or, at least that's what she told me - "It's not you, It's me, right?"

Less than two years later I've decided to shutter Event Tactical and support our current and future clients through Verge Pipe Media.

It's not a big stretch. Both organizations have the same vision of a mobile and social connected world where digital storytelling is paramount for brands to resonate with their patrons. Event Tactical just supported a different type of client initially. The ETac team (as we refer to ourselves) has always worked out of the Verge Pipe Media office.

But, as one client pointed out to me about 30 days ago, "this idea is wonderful, I just think it's a little ahead of its time."

And he's probably right. The concept of outsourcing a social media command center and team for a few weeks to support an annual event makes total sense for the bean counters. It makes a lot of common sense to trust a team of professionals to do a task you've been handing off to volunteers or interns to do for too long. It's a bargain for a large organization who doesn't want to staff and manage a small team for seven or eight large scale sporting events in the Fall.

So why shut down?

  1. Verge Pipe Media has to come first.
  2. At the end of the day, both 'organizations' were supporting the same vision.
  3. Our clients increasingly viewed ETac as Verge Pipe Media.
  4. Event Tactical was designed to be a franchise model, and that takes time and resources I just don't have.

So effective, December 1st, 2014, you'll be getting to know Event Tactical in a new light - as part of a seamless transition under the Verge Pipe Media banner. We'll still produce original event planner focused content that helps demonstrate the power of social media and real time customer service for event attendees. We'll never stop trying to solve the problem of producing new, original, and social media focused event marketing ideas. In fact, we're doing it already at VPM, just for a Higher Ed audience. You'll still see us supporting clients who range from Main Street festivals to large scale sporting events. And I'll still be thinking about the future of mobile devices at events, whether that be through RFID tags, NFC payments, or whatever else helps turn attendees into ambassadors.

I hope you'll continue supporting the Event Tactical mission here at Verge Pipe Media. In fact, why not reach out to us today and let's chat about how the change will benefit your event!

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