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How Connecting on Facebook has Changed the Way We do Business

Posted by K'yani Gross on May 31, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Facebook used to be a social media site that was based around keeping in contact with family, friends, and old classmates. The dynamic of Facebook has certainly changed in the recent years. They've added followers in additon to your friends, Facebook live videos, and groups. Facebook users are now more likely to add strangers to their friend list than people they actually know. We are now using Facebook to connect with strangers instead of keep in contact with the people we know.



Facebook has always been centered around keeping in contact with your friends. The new follower option now allows people to keep track of others without having any knowledge as to who they are. "Lurkers" and followers are one in the same. Unlike being added as a friend, you do not have to send a request to follow someone. The more followers you have, the more popular you are on Facebook. The person that you've followed will appear on your newsfeed as if they were your friend. There is not much difference between a friend and a follower except copmplete strangers are more apt to hit the follow button.

Facebook Live video

There is a new feature that Facebook has added called Facebook Live. This is where you are able to record yourself and people are able to view you in live action. ANYONE can view your live video! The person does not have to be on your friends-list in order to watch what you are doing. On the Facebook Live website, it even states that you are able to "connect with strangers" via this feature. Facebook is inviting their users to mingle with each other no matter what their relationships are.


Facebook groups aren't anything new. The growth of these groups are exponential, however. Many group members are inviting strangers to join in order to engage in more interesting conversation. There are groups that are soley based on meeting new people via Facebook. People inceasingly appear to want to connect with others that do not live near them. There is a growing urge to become globally engaged and connected via Facebook and ever before. 


The most apparent feature that Facebook has introduced is the ability to react instead of just liking a post. The reactions include: like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry. Reactions improve the ability of users to anaylze feedback and improve/change their posts when needed. It also helps friends and followers to be able to support a post without it being "awkard" if the post is about a serious topic or tragedy. This was the biggest change in dynamic that facebook adopted.

Facebook's dynamic is starting to change rapidly. The platform has adopted the followers aspect of Twitter, created a live stream feature to rival Periscope, its growth in groups has been huge, and allowed more flexibility in responses to posts. This change was to be expected due to increasing competition on the social media market. Facebook has learned to adapt to the technology changes and the interests of the youth. Facebook is no longer only for the adult population. It has become a way to interact with the world.

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