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How Convenience Has Changed the Student Experience

Posted by Catherine Andrews on Sep 29, 2017 12:00:00 AM

What do people from older generations always say about their time in school? "I had to handwrite my assignments and turn them in in person." "I had to wait until my grade was posted on the bulletin board to see what I got." "If I wanted to research something, I had to check out a book from the library."

If you're a millennial, these are all probably phrases you've heard at least once from a grandparent, teacher or parent. To them, even just by having access to the internet and owning a computer, we have everything and more. However, nowadays students demand much more than simply a computer with internet access. Convenience is key for students these days. Millennials are very task oriented and we want things done quickly and efficiently, and there is no time to waste. So how has convenience changed the student experience? 
  • Online Classroom Management
    • Most millennials cannot even imagine going to school without online classroom management. Online classroom management websites provide support to the students and instructors of a course by making it easy to communicate and post updates, assignments and files for anyone in the class to access. Websites such as Canvas are not just providing classroom student on laptop 2.jpgsupport, they are providing convenience. By being able to access assignment details, upload the completed assignment and later see your grade on it is a huge time saver. Students no longer have to handwrite their assignment, turn it in at class and then wait for the grade to be posted on a bulletin board. This process has gone from taking days to complete assignments to a matter of a few hours. With the many other tools that they offer, online classroom management websites have made convenience for students second nature.
  • Apps
    • To push convenience to the next level past a simple website, these services, and even universities themselves, have created apps. Now not only can students access their class materials online, but also from their smartphones. They are able to check their grades, read phone.jpgteachers' updates and even complete assignments from any place at any time. These apps take convenience outside of the classroom. University specific apps make it easy for students to access maps of the campus, on-campus dining hours, news, events and more. Students can plan their time spent on-campus on the go when they have all of the necessary information right in their back pocket. These apps are not just an additional service, they are expected by students nationwide. 
  • Student ID
    • By being able to access all of the available information about on-campus maps and dining, students must be able to act upon this information: enter the student ID. Each student is required to have a student identification card, which can be used for a number of campus food.jpegdifferent things. The two main uses of a student ID are to purchase on-campus food and groceries and to obtain access to virtually every building on campus.  This eliminates the fuss of bringing cash with you to campus or finding someone to let you into a building. To current students, this is not something that they even think of when they think of convenience because it is a convenience that they have always had. 

Everyday, students' desire for a fast-paced, task oriented lifestyle improves and evolves, and that is what these applications must do to keep up. Universities are set with the task of staying ahead of the curve to ensure that their students are satisfied with their services. Now, convenience is something that students expect from their university and believe to be second nature. 

Convenience expands into more areas of millennials' lives outside of school. Even the way they are marketed to has evolved into a more convenient manner through social media and more. If you think that you could be marketing to millennials better, download this free eBook below.

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