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How Denny's Uses Weird Twitter to Stand Out on Social Media

Posted by Chad Oliver on Jul 20, 2016 8:00:00 AM

UPDATED: March 2, 2017

Denny's has stepped up their meme game and the resulting tweet has achieved a few stellar social media facts:

  1. Almost 94,000 ReTweets
  2. Just over 130,000 Likes

For some perspective, that is more than the famed Oreo, "dunk in the dark" tweet with 15,000 RTs, and has now even surpassed the wildly popular Arby's and Pharrell tweet battle that was RT'd more than 78,000 times.

 No matter what it is, with all things in life, somebody eventually comes around to make it weird. Twitter is no exception. A select few users make it their goal to take their allotted 140 characters to make the weirdest tweets possible. Whether it’s through incoherent grammar, dark subject matter, hilarious misspellings, or some combination of the three; weird tweeters will find a way to make audiences laugh.

What is "Weird Twitter?"

One of my favorite examples of a weird Twitter user is an account called @coffee_dad. @coffee_dad tweets about coffee: “having coffee,” “a cup of coffee,” “forgot coffee,” “putting on some coffee.” It’s repetitive which makes me laugh every time I see it in my feed but what's weird about it is when he tweets about his “dead son.” Every hundred tweets or so @coffee_dad will tweet something like, “The warmer months means motorcycles are back on the road. Please do not take a single second of your life for granted. Rest gently, my baby.” It’s weird. It’s darkly funny when juxtaposed against all the coffee tweets, and it’s pretty sad. It is difficult to describe weird Twitter or why it’s appealing but you know it when you see it and you either get it or you don’t.


Can "weird Twitter" be used for good?

So that's what weird Twitter is and it definitely works in hilarious ways when an individual account uses it, but what if a company could use weird Twitter to share their brand and tell their story? Could that work? Denny’s Twitter account has proven that it’s possible. Denny’s will tweet things like “if you fry an egg on the sidewalk this summer you BETTER EAT IT!!!11” or “RT if your best friend is a bread.” Very strange tweets, especially when you see that it’s from a restaurant. Breakfast diners aren't the first thing that come to mind when you think of hilarious social media. Learning how Denny's uses weird Twitter to stand out on social media can help you integrate more creative and unique tweets to increase your popularity on Twitter. 

How is that working for them?

So Denny’s is doing funny stuff on Twitter but does that really mean anything? Sure they’re having fun but is this really the best way to market a restaurant? Well let’s take a look at their competition. Waffle House certainly isn’t doing anything “wrong” on social media. They tweet interesting pictures, interact with they’re followers, and stay up do date with relevant content. But let’s take a look to see how their stats line up. At the time of writing this blog the most retweeted tweet from Waffle House from the past week had 68 RTs and they averaged at around 10 RTs per tweet. That’s not bad. Denny’s most retweeted tweet during the same week had 1,800 RTs and they averaged around 800 RTs per tweet. When a restaurant stands out so much they must be doing something right.

Denny’s has found their unique social media voice and a way to stand out on social media. People certainly talk about their social media more than people talk about IHOP or Waffle House. In today’s world, everyone needs to find their own voice online in order to thrive. Obviously not everyone can be Denny’s and utilize the strange corner of the internet that is “weird Twitter,” but everyone needs to find their own way to tell their brand story. That’s where a social media agency like Verge Pipe Media could come in handy. To find out more about our Inbound methodology and what we do to help people best utilize social media to help our clients stand out, click below and download our free eBook.

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