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How Do I Increase Qualified Inbound Leads?

Posted by MiKyle Crockett on Jan 28, 2015 9:09:59 AM

Ever been on a date, the end of the night comes, and you walk away with no number or promise for another date? Lacking the ability to convert, close and delight can be detrimental to any exchange, especially in marketing. To increase your number of qualified inbound leads, optimizing your website, blogging and amplifying your content with social media are all key.


First, start with the basics of research. This allows you to attract the right people to your page. After all, having countless dates are pointless if they are not even your type to begin with. Attracting the right person allows you to develop qualified leads, this being a person or organization that expresses interest in your goods or services. With inbound marketing, the goal is to attract these people, rather than interrupt them with your business.

After doing the right research to identify these personas, you will want to create the right content for them and have it displayed in various ways:

Website Optimization- It is ideal to have your website be as fully functional and effective as possible. In order to increase leads, one must remember that searchers are there to accomplish something, know something or navigate to something. Lets keep it simple with 3 goals:

1)   Have a goal for what you want to accomplish with your site.
2)   Make it easy to understand and navigate.
3)   Make it non-static, your website should evolve over time.

Having a website that is simple in design, uses similar buyer language and has clear streamlined next steps will allow you to convert those qualified visitors into an increased number of leads.

Blogging- Since 43% of companies acquire customers though blogging, don’t be a square, join the fun. Blogging is fundamental to attracting qualified website traffic. Because each post gets published as its own index page, your keyword footprint expands, increasing your opportunity for new leads.  Now, when I say join the fun, that’s not an invitation to go wild. There are some good practices you want to follow in order to be effective with blogging :

1)   Know your audience – often, with hopes to increase leads, people focus on SEO, but it is important to focus on your ideal buyer instead.
2)   Publish content that is on-topic and important to buyer personas – helping to solve problems means that they will come back to you.
3)   Don’t miss out on lead conversion opportunities – when the opportunity arises, you want to be fully prepared to take advantage of it. Including in-text call to actions, adding CTAs to the blog sidebar or adding relevant CTAs to the bottom of each written post will help you to take advantage of every interaction.
Amplifying content with social media- In 2015, if you are not active on social media you might want to come out from under your rock. According to Hubspot, 74% of marketers saw an increase in traffic after spending six hours per week on social media. You want to be a part of this 74%. Staying connected to your audience allows you to foster connections and keep them happy. Keep it simple and follow proper etiquette:
1)   Don’t be a know it all – just like dating, no one wants to sit and listen to one person talk about themselves the entire time. Use your social media outlets to ask questions and create a mix of (80%) helpful and (20%) promotional content.
2)   Know your type - Doing the proper research before hand will save you time when trying to reach people. Knowing personas thoroughly allows you to get content to them at the right place at the right time.
3)   Dress for the occasion - Nothing is more awkward than being the odd ball out. With having different social media outlets, make sure you are addressing you content appropriately.
Twitter = conversation
Facebook = personality
LinkedIn = professional
Google+ = search engine


If content is the king, distribution is his queen. Through optimizing your website, blogging and amplifying your content with social media, you are sure to have what it takes to increase qualified inbound leads. Keep it simple, be intentional, now Go and Get Em!

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