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How Facebook Live Benefits Higher Education

Posted by Cody Lunsford on Oct 12, 2017 12:00:00 AM


Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed and find yourself captivated by a livestream of kittens playing in a room, traffic at an intersection, or a public event? I know that I have. There’s something so compelling about having access to a live experience from the comfort of your own phone.

According to, 80 percent of audiences would rather watch live video than read a blog and 82 percent would rather see a live video than standard social posts. By 2019, four-fifths of all internet traffic will be online video. There’s obviously so much value in doing video content, ESPECIALLY live video. But what does that mean for higher education? We’ve told you before how to make your dean more approachable through social media and live video is huge part of that. How does Facebook Live benefit higher education? Well, stick around, dear reader and I’ll tell you!


Your audience is already online. 23.3 percent of Facebook’s total user base are between the ages of 18-24, which is the perfect age for prospective or current students. Live video is rewarded in Facebook’s algorithm, which means that live videos are more likely to show up first in people’s feeds. Both of those facts are pretty good news for you if you’re hoping to engage with students. Have weekly chats with the Dean. Have check-ins with various clubs in your college. Show student life events. These examples show that you’re willing to get engaged with your students and also can show students ways that they can be more involved.

Using live can also apply to alumni. Are you having alumni events? Go live on Facebook! 67 percent of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to an event after seeing a video of similar events. Live video is a good way to show alumni what exactly they’re missing if they’re not more involved in alumni events. It is also a way to directly appeal to them during fundraising events. Having a giving day? Go live to make a direct appeal.

Alumni and students aren’t the only groups you can engage with. You could also engage with parents of prospective students who are doing research about potential universities. You can engage with prospective professors and employees who may be seeking employment at your college. There’s no limit to who you can engage with.



Sometimes a press release about an issue your college is having can come across as a bit cold and mechanical. Facebook Live allows for a human face to address these problems. Let’s say there is some construction that’s making getting into a building pretty difficult. This is the perfect time to go live and address this problem. Explain to your audience what exactly is going on with the construction, alternate routes, and maybe have some fun with it and poke fun at the inconvenience.

With the proliferation of social media comes an expectation of immediate response. Facebook Live is a perfect way to instantly respond to any concerns students may have. It also shows that you are on top of any situation that arises, which is very important to students and parents.


Modern students are used to adopting and adapting to new technologies and are expectant of their university to do the same. They want to be able to see new types of content and Facebook Live is a good way to do that. Not only is Facebook Live itself a way to be ahead of the technology curve, but you can create types of content that are ahead of what everyone else is doing. 87 percent of audiences say that behind-the-scenes access would be a huge draw for them when it comes to live video. Go live on Facebook and show people behind the scenes of how things go within your university. It’s a great way to show how much you’re always working towards having a connection with your audience


So. Should you use Facebook Live? YES! The data is there to support the need for it. It’s a great way to provide engaging content for a variety of audiences and also a great way to inject personality into your college. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t.

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