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How NOT to use Snapchat

Posted by K'yani Gross on May 27, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media applications on the market. The majority of snapchat users happen to be college students. So why aren't universities joining Snapchat? Institutions can use Snapchat to connect with students, provide more information, and advertise events.Snapchat for higher ed can be a bit challenging but not impossible. First, universities should know how NOT to use Snapchat before they create an account. 


1. Universities should not over promote via Snapchat. Whoever may be managing the university's account should be able to promote events and its brand without becoming a nuisance to students. Your institution's Snapchat story should not seem like a series of pop-up ads. The account should be a great asset to the university, but also to the students. Do not make the "My Story" too business-oriented. Remember that you are trying to connect with and inform or entertain the students.

2. You should not be unrelatable. You want to connect with your students by using this application. Do not interact with your students as if they are a business. Maybe, you can use a little college lingo and make a few light-hearted posts a day. The university should remind students that there are humans behind the brand. This will definietely help you on your journey to connecting and interacting with the students.

3. Do not post too often or too little. Many snapchatters make the mistake of posting too much. Their followers become annoyed by the long "My Story" filled with uninteresting pictures and quotes. The university should be able to show students something new without overwhelming or annoying them. Post events that you feel the students would be intrigued by or useful information. You also shouldn't post too little. People can forget that your snapchat account exists if you do not post enough. Post the things that catch the students' eye. 

4. Do not post things unrelated to the college. The university's Snapchat account should always post content about the school. Use Snapchat to advertise your brand, connect with students, and also inform them. Show the students why they chose to attend your university. Display the diversity on your campus. The university and what it offers should be the center of the account.

Universities can use Snapchat to their advantage by remembering what Not to do. You can advertise your college, connect with students, and inform everyone about important events via Snapchat. By using this app, you will be more likely to reach your students and gain exposure. 

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