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Teaching With Technology: How Professors Can Use Twitter During Class

Posted by Carly Ilvento on Aug 25, 2014 3:00:00 PM


I know that using Twitter during class may seem like a distracting and frivolous teaching method. However, give me a chance to enlighten all you naysayers and people who think tweeting is just an outlet for ramblers and bored college students alike. Here's how professors can use Twitter during class in the new school year. 

Step One: Make a Twitter handle (account) for each class you teach.

For example, the Twitter handle for my Sports Fans, Media and Messages class is @PRCM4970. There is no need to get creative since most students will easily remember the number or name for a class (hopefully). 

Step Two: Decide how you want to use the account during class.

This step can be used for something as simple as taking attendance through students retweeting or favoriting a tweet to students tweeting about a movie or presentation shown during class. 

Here are some other ways that came to my mind:

-professor tweets a bonus question the night before a quiz that students can see and answer the next day in class 

-professor holds a "Tweet At Professor (insert last name here)" time at some point before an exam so that every student can see eachother's questions and the answers to those questions (an effective way to avoid duplicate questions)

-professor announces a "Tweet For A Bonus Point" time during class and tweets a question that pertains to that day's discussion/ topic and gives the first student to reply tweet with the correct answer a bonus point toward their grade, participation, what have you

Step Three: Spread the word about using Twitter to other professors. 

Let your fellow professors know that Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, with thousands of accounts created and millions of tweets posted every day. Explain how it can be used in their classroom to teach, not to distract. Reassure them that you support Twitter as a tool to engage and teach students.

Take advantage of this "tweeter" generation by getting feedback that does not involve seeing phones in your students' laps, but a resourceful teaching method.

Then, comment on my blog post and let me know what you think about teaching with technology.

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