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How to Add Value to Your Recent Alumni

Posted by Jasmine Lee on Oct 26, 2017 12:00:00 AM


There's no question that alumni play a major role in your university's continued financial growth. Although you are grateful for the seasoned alumni members that consistently give back, sometimes universities can have trouble targeting their most recent graduates. Recent alumni are an important part of fundraising, but in order for them to start donating as soon as possible, they must recieve something of value beforehand. 
Let's focus on problems recent alumni may be facing in regards to giving back. Not all, but many recent college graduates are focused on finding a well-paying job, before worrying about anything else. As a university, it is your job to help them before expecting anything in return. Provide your recent alumni with a list of seasoned alumni members who are currently working in their field, as well as their contact information. This allows them to connect with others and makes the job hunting process a whole lot easier Linkedin.

It is also important to use social media to your advantage when trying to add value to your recent alumni. Create blog posts and even Facebook groups that allow your recent alumni to network and stay connected to one another. A support system, especially one made up of those at the same stage in life as yourself, is a very valuable tool for your recent alumni members. To learn more about this, check out our blog post: 3 Ways to Use Social Media to Engage Donors.

Some recent alumni may feel as if giving back to their university just isn't a top priority because the school has failed to make a true connection with them after graduation. Also, you have to remember that some recent grads are focused on repaying student loans or view four years of tuition as payment enough. You must immediately begin engaging with your recent alumni and ask how they are doing, or if they need any assistance. Asking what you can do for them now, allows your recent alumni members to feel more comfortable when you do eventually ask them to donate. 

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The key is to make sure recent alumni feel like a top priority before they are able to make you a top priority in their life and future endevors. It is important to begin building a lasting connection and relationship with this specific demographic, because when they are in the right place to give they'll remember the positve impact you've had on their post-graduation life. Remember, recent alumni are the foundation of future giving at your university. 

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