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How to Choose the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Posted by Mohsina Yusuf on Aug 14, 2015 9:44:00 AM

Social media…for some it’s a guilty pleasure. For others, it’s a necessity. If you have a business, it’s a necessity. You can fight it all you want, but you’ll be surprised at what a difference having a strong social media game can make. To create a compelling online presence, you should know how to choose the best social media platforms for your business.



Twitter is perhaps best known for being “in the moment.” Unlike other sites, posts don’t get hidden or buried in news feeds. You should be on Twitter if:

  1. You want to share breaking news or important updates and want the word out fast.
  2. You want to provide clear, concise messages.
    - Twitter has a 140-character limit, which forces you to get straight to the point and doesn’t leave room to beat around the bush
  3. You like posting frequently.
  4. You want to interact with your followers in a conversation-like manner.


Facebook is the most popular site. Everyone from your mother to grandmother to your next-door neighbor’s weird Aunt Sally has an account. You should have a Facebook page if:

  1. You want to build a loyal customer base.
  2. You want to use the platform as an additional site where customers can seek out information about your company (events, operating hours, etc.).
  3. You want to showcase your company.
    - Don’t use Facebook to only sell your products or services. Facebook is about getting to know the people behind the company.


When choosing the best social media platforms for your business, you should know what sort of content you want to share. If your company takes a lot of photos and you want others to see them, this is the perfect site. You should be on Instagram if:

  1. You want to be visually driven.
  2. You want to reach certain demographics.
    - For some users, they’re more active on Instagram than any other social media site.
  3. You want to share what your company is up to in a fun manner.


Often regarded as the “serious one,” LinkedIn is all about sharing professional information. You can even create a company page. You should be on LinkedIn if:

  1. You want to focus on building business-to-business relationships.
  2. You hope to make business connections and contacts.
  3. You want to build an image as an expert in your respective industry.


Pinterest is perfect for companies that focus on fashion, food, travel, or DIY projects. You should have a Pinterest if:

  1. You want to reach more women.
  2. You want to share lists or ideas to relay useful information and tips.
  3. You want to share photos, videos, or other visually driven posts. 

All these platforms allow you to utilize hashtags, which can be used to search what other users are posting. You can even post videos on all these sites if you want to stray away from the usual photo or text post. Just remember that Twitter has a 30 second limit, while Instagram has a 15 second limit. Choosing the best social media platforms can involve some trial and error, but once you figure out which sites work best for your company, you’ll notice positive changes. If you want to know how else you can improve your company and apply social media to the bigger picture, check out our free eBook to inbound marketing. 

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