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How to Create Buyer Personas for Universities...And Why

Posted by Chad Oliver on Oct 7, 2015 9:15:31 AM

Buyer personas are a useful tool for businesses to identify and reach out to their target audiences. Once you create them, you can start to develop ways to best reach those specific people and work on creating content that suits them.  Wouldn't you want to read content that is specifically written just for you? So will your audience. This strategy isn’t only for businesses though. Below, you will find out how to create buyer personas for universities, like yours, and why it’s so important.


How to Create Them

Isolate your target audience and gather information

The first step is to sit down and think out what your target audience is. Who goes to your school? Who is applying to your school? Research, survey, and interview. Once you’ve determined who your target audience is, it’s time to gain more information about this audience. Build information to find out these people’s demographics, goals, backgrounds, and challenges.

Create personas

Now that you’ve collected all your data, it’s time to apply this data to creating fictional buyer personas. Plug in all this information to create a page describing one specific person for each target audience. Then, when you are developing content for your website or for social media, keep these fictional personas in mind. Work on creating content that these personas would actually want to read and interact with.

Why Your University Should

It works. These strategies have been proven to work time and time again. The difference in using buyer personas is like the difference between writing a personalized, handwritten letter as opposed to sending a mass email with the tag “To Whom It May Concern.” It makes your content more personable and enjoyable for your students. It makes your audience feel wanted and appreciated. Most of all, it allows you to get specific with your content creation and tailor your approach to what your audience wants to read. And if you can consistently make content that your target audiences want to interact with, your university will only grow.

Simply put, buyer personas work and they help to make your University have a better relationship with their audiences. For more information on how an Inbound method could help your school, click the link below for a free E-Book about the success Auburn’s Harbert College of Business had with Verge Pipe Media.

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