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How To Find People To Follow On Snapchat

Posted by Catherine Andrews on Sep 6, 2016 9:00:00 AM


Since its start in September of 2011, Snapchat has dramatically grown its user base by over 100 million users.  Although it started off as a simple channel of communication between friends sending pictures back and forth, this channel has evolved into something much bigger.  Instead of simply sending a few pictures to friends, more and more users are using Snapchat as a way to see daily updates in the lives of celebrities and even companies.  Here you can learn how to find people to follow on Snapchat that are relevant to you.

 Snapchat Features

There are several different ways that Snapchat has been able to keep users interested in their app while also being able to attract companies and celebrities to take advantage of their features. Some of these features include:

  • Picture
  • Video
  • Chat 
  • Mystories 
  • Filters
  • Facetime
  • Telephone
  • Memories
  • Discover
  • Live Updates

By looking at this list, it is easy to see that Snapchat has a lot to offer; however, many users are missing out on these opportunities simply because they cannot find the right people to follow.  Even if these features have attracted companies and celebrities, they will not be able to retain them if users are having a hard time finding them on Snapchat.  


 Adding "Friends"

There are 4 distinct ways to add a friend on Snapchat, but they all seem to be geared towards adding people that you already have some sort of contact with or are in your same area. You can add a friend through these 5 methods:

  1. By username
  2. By address book
  3. By nearby
  4. By snapcode

If you do not type in the person's exact username then you may be adding the wrong person or not be able to find them on Snapchat at all.  Also, if you add the person from your address book that means you must already have their phone number.  The nearby feature will pull up usernames from people in your area, but this means that you cannot add any companies or celebrities that are not near you.  Lastly, the snapcode is something that needs to be scanned, meaning that the person must post a picture of it or let you scan it off of their phone for it to work. 


For the initial use of Snapchat, these methods were more than enough to find people to follow.  Nowadays it has become hard for people to follow who they want. Currently, the best way to find the people you want to follow on Snapchat, you need to check their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to see if they have posted their username or snapcode. 

With these limitations Snapchat users are missing out on immense amounts of content and the company itself could lose users to other forms of social media that have already tackled this problem.  For instance, Instagram has an explore page that will show you posts from people who you do not follow that may interest you. Also when you type in the search bar, Instagram will give you username suggestions and show the most popular profiles pertaining to your search. This has helped Instagram continue to grow by making it easy for users to follow friends, celebrities, and companies. 

 Benefits of Following and Followers

For those who have been ahead of the curve by sharing their usernames and snapcodes on other forms of social media, they have found Snapchat to be an amazing new form of marketing.  Snapchat provides users with the chance to get the so-called "inside scoop" on their favorite celebrities and companies while giving these people the option to share even more content to a new niche of followers.  However, Snapchat needs to find a better way to help their users expand their "friends" list.



Snapchat and Vurb

There is buzz that Snapchat is in the midst of acquiring a start up company called Vurb. Through this app users are able to find restaurants, venues, and events that they want to go to and share them with friends. Through this personalization technology, Snapchat could find a simpler way to help their users connect with more people that they might be interested in.  With Vurb, there is now more opportunity for Snapchat to take their app to the next level. Vurb's features can help Snapchat become much more convenient and easy for people to use. You can find more on this possible Vurb deal here.


Hopefully for the sake of the company and its users, Snapchat will be able to conquer this obstacle quickly so that we are able to expand our connections with friends, celebrities, and companies worldwide. 

Snapchat can be very beneficial to you and your business just like other social media and social sharing services. We've written a lot over the years about using social media for business, including this gem specific to Snapchat.

If you'd like to know how to put social media to work for your organization, check out our FREE guide by clicking the button below.

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