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How to Keep your Students your Number One Fans

Posted by Jasmine Lee on Sep 6, 2017 1:21:53 PM

In the world of higher education, it can be difficult, at times, to keep your students fully engaged and on the right track to obtaining their degree. As a university, you want nothing but success and excitement for the future from your students during their time at your institution. According to the New York Times, only 19% of students at public universities graduate in four years or less and 36% at more selective, private universities. These statistics are shockingly low compared to what most may think about graduation rates. Here are four helpful tips and tricks to motivate, engage, and keep your students as your number one fans. 

Professors who are excited to teach help students in becoming excited to learn.

If a professor isn’t motivated or is noticeably less energetic about the subject they are teaching, students will immediately become less excited as well. A good way for a university to show that not only are their professors motivated, but their entire staff, is to incorporate happiness and approachability into their inbound marketing strategies. This could be a promotional video with interviews from staff members showing the positive association they have with the subjects they are teaching and how important it is to stay in school.


2. Identify and cater to your students’ specific needs.

It is important that as a university, you are aware of the students’ specific needs in order for them to stay in school and graduate in a timely manner. You must make them aware of any sort of advising or college counseling available and make it easy for them to access. A lot of students are worried about finding a job upon graduation, but if universities market and advertise internship and job fairs appropriately, students will be more comfortable looking towards their post-graduation future. This gives students the opportunity to network themselves effectively and efficiently with potential, future employers.


3. Use social media to engage your student body and promote your university’s image.

Is your school known for high student involvement in extracurricular activities that will foster a successful future? If the answer is no, then you may want to think about using social media to your advantage in order to get students more involved in programs that cater to their specific major and will become an important addition to their resume. For example, is the student-run media organization at your university utilizing social media enough for liberal arts students to become aware of their presence? The program is not only something exciting that students can participate in, but the experience looks amazing from a potential employer’s point of view. It is important to post on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat to intrigue students who may want to get involved.


4. Make alumni aware they are contributing to individuals rather than an entire cause or organization.

A lot of recent alumni, especially, do not believe that their contribution will make a significant difference in your university’s student body. This is mostly due to the fact that they are asked to donate to large organizations or causes. Making your alumni aware that the university is heavily focused on keeping students motivated, in school, and graduating on time, may cause alumni to become more excited about contributing to funding. An example of this could be highlighting a specific student or faculty member and demonstrating how their donation will impact their involvement at your university. Make sure your alumni know this person’s specific aspirations and goals before they decide to make a donation.


You now have some important tools to ensure that students will continue to be your university’s number #1 fans and will stay motivated in reaching towards their academic goals. Not only do these tips help to improve the involvement of your student body, but allows your staff members to become more mindful of student needs and opportunities.

University engagement with students is crucial, and social media is a great way to develop and maintain relationships off campus. We surveyed almost 650 current and recent college students about what they want from their Dean and summarized the results in our FREE White Paper. Just tap the Download button below! 

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