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How To Leverage Current Students As Brand Ambassadors

Posted by K'yani Gross on Jul 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Universities can be promoted in a variety of ways. Using your current students as brand ambassadors is a great way to help your brand gain easy exposure. Through the students' love of the college, they will organically share their college experiences and help do your advertising for you. You just have to comment, like, and share these posts appropriately to help encourage further engagement and amplification of your desired messages.

There are a number of ways to encourage students tell your story. It can be anything from a free branded merchandise to flexing your social media muscles. Let's get into some specifics.


Give out free merchandise

An easy way to leverage current students as brand ambassadors is to give out free merchandise. College students will appreciate anything that is free. They will readily and enthusiastically wear free merchandise, so this is a perfect tactic to ensure that your brand is gaining exposure. Also, many students have college pride! They would love to show off their college's logo everywhere they go. You just have to provide them with the means to do so. A lot of college merchandise can be expensive which can cause students to shy away from purchasing new gear. Give out free merchandise and watch your brand gain exposure!

Give your students stories to tell

Universities should host fun events that engage their students. Make sure that your events are filled with college spirit. Students are often looking for ways to relieve stress. Host a concert, partake in challenges with a chance to win merchandise, and even do trivia games about the college. Students will be encouraged to share their experiences on social media so others can learn about the fun experience they've had! Students are normally willing to come out to events and this allows the university to subtly showcase their student experience.

Create a hashtag!

Universities should create a hashtag that engulfs the spirit of the school. College students are always on social media and this would be a perfect opportunity to leverage students as brand ambassadors. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are convenient and free ways to promote your brand. Your students can do this for you via hashtags. You never know, promoting a hashtag could cause it to trend!

These are just a few of the ways universities can use students as brand ambassadors. Students are likely to organically share your message if you're providing them with engaging and fun things around campus. This can be free merchandise, a hashtag, or even a memorable experience.

The university's priority should be providing students with a great college experience. If you do this, the students will naturally become brand ambassadors for you!

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