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How to Leverage Video Content in Inbound Marketing

Posted by Don Crow on Nov 29, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Let's face it, more and more people are opting out of reading long form content in favor of well done videos which can, "show and tell" often in less time and in a more compelling way than eBooks and white papers. If you're like me though, you got started in Inbound Marketing with a conversion path that included eBooks, white papers, and written guides. A few years later, we added in Infographics and today - it's increasingly video.

So how do you put video to work for you as an Inbound Marketer? I'm glad you asked! Please continue reading (after I've extolled the virtues of video) below for my tips on how to leverage video content in Inbound Marketing.



During this phase, you're introducing yourself to strangers and trying to set the stage for a long lasting relationship. Video is an excellent way to warm up strangers, especially when you think about how much more compelling video is at showing off your office and team compared to photos and written descriptions.

Remember though, that this stage of your video library is not about you! It's about creating value through content and positioning yourself as a thought leader and expert on the topics your audience needs the most help with.

Here's a quick list of examples of appropriate videos at the Attract stage:

  • Q&A with members of your executive leadership team on a specific topic
  • Humorous introductions to the members of your team and their interests
  • Repurposed webinars or live talks, condensed and edited to focus on a specific question and answer


You want to really show, rather than tell in this stage. Videos are shown to increase conversion rates by over 50% - and if they're well done and on point - easily shareable, pulling more strangers into your inbound marketing funnel.

Some examples at the Convert stage:

  • More details on your product, including demos
  • Value proposition videos where you showcase what you deliver
  • Client testimonials, from short to long - get clients talking about how you helped them!
  • Case studies - blend in the background story with the results generated

Read enough? Ready to dive right in? Check out our video on 4 tips on getting started with video content


Now that you have email addresses and more details on your potential customers, you can really target the video content you serve them. Don't be afraid to ask them for more specifics on the problems they need solved, or the solutions they are shopping for. All of these data points help with lead scoring yes, but more importantly, it helps demonstrate that you really want to help them with the issues they face.

A couple of examples at this all important stage to Close:

  • Knowing a lead has watched two videos on your Business Analytics program but has skipped over videos on finanical aid, email them a calendar invite to a live stream Q & A with the Dean or faculty in the program.
  • You have a prospect in Minnesota who is interested in your outdoor product. Be sure and include a link to a video appropriate for cold weather! Don't send them videos of your product at the beach unless you want to see that lead bounce and go to someone who is considering all facets of the product usage.

As you can see, at the Close stage, your video library needs to be detailed but also take into account the individual wants and needs of the prospect. You have their contact info and enough intelligence from their online behavior at this point to make some solid assumptions about their next steps. Use that to your advantage!


You've closed the deal but the work isn't done. The obvious use for video at this stage would be well done, "Thank you!" from the CEO or other recognizeable members of your team. Delighting your customers should continue the personalization they saw on display in previous stages, and also you using some active listening to determine what your video library should beef up on at this point.

Some examples might include:

  • Live Q&A with your tech staff to answer usage questions
  • Live stream admissions and student on-boarding ambassadors detailing tips for next steps and a smooth transition to your school, college or even campus
  • Responding to social media comments with embedded video

I hope you've noticed the number of instances where "live" or "live stream" video was mentioned in my tips on how to leverage video content in Inbound Marketing. It's not a coincidence or even a nod to the latest trend (live stream) - it's what we see here at Verge Pipe Media for our clients in Higher Education, Technology, Healthcare and Consumer Services - videos convert, including live streams!

Another tip would be to take the Inbound Methodology and review the recommended content types at each stage and develop your own version using only videos. Blog posts can be formatted into "how to" videos, you can embed videos into your Landing Pages, links to appropriate videos in your lead nurturing emails, and even include helpful product videos in online receipts.


By now, you know video has to be a part of your overall marketing mix, not just your Inbound Marketing strategy and day to day lead generation and nurturing. Done well, your videos can help take passive readers and make them active participants in showcasing your products and services and lead to more closed deals! 

If you're looking for help with video content marketing for Higher Ed, tap the button below for our FREE case study.

video content marketing for higher education

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