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How to Make Your Content Unique

Posted by Catherine Andrews on Feb 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Can you think of the last time you searched a topic and there weren't numerous hits for it? Neither can I. Thanks to the internet, it seems like every single subject out there has been written about one way or another and released to the public. Of course it is a privilege to have such extensive information at our fingertips, but what does it mean for your company? We all know that a great way to build brand awareness is by creating content. Well, how are we supposed to expect people to find our content when there is most likely thousands of other articles about it out there already? The answer is by creating unique content. 

Now that you know what you need to do, let's take a minute to learn how to make your content unique.

 The Content

  1. The first thing to know is that every piece of content your company produces is a reflection of your brand. This makes it extremely important that the content you are writing is about topics that are relevant to your brand and are something that you are knowledgeable about.

  2. The next step is to make sure that you are writing about this topic in a way that will attract the right kind of readers. The first step of inbound methodology is to attract, and by creating this unique content, you are how to make your content uniqueseeking to attract your desired readers. Your desired readers should be the ones that you see as quality leads. A quality lead is someone that has the potential to follow through the buyer's journey and eventually convert into a customer. 
A great way to figure out who you are trying to reach is by basing them off of your buyer personas. The buyer persona is what you have described as your ideal customer. Once you understand who your buyer persona is, you must try to think the way that they would think. How would they approach this chosen topic, and what would they want to know about it? This should help you construct a plan for how to write about this topic.  


Once your content is written with a unique twist, it is time to implement your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. SEO is crucial to the process of making your content unique on search engines. 

1. The first step towards implementing SEO is by creating a long tail keyword as your title. This phrase is a more specific approach to your topic, and it is the kind of phrase that your desired readers will search for. If this phrase is done correctly, it will attract quality leads instead of just a quantity of unqualified leads. It is more important to attract people who have the potential to convert into a customer, instead of simply a slew of people that are looking for more general information about the topic. 
These next steps get into the more technical side of implementing SEO. With these steps, your content will have the potential to rank higher for your long tail keyword rather than lower for a generally searched term.

2. It is a great practice to make sure to use your long tail keyword at least once within the body of your post, and also in the meta description.unique content blog infographic.png

3. Next, you want to make sure to use images within the post that have alt text, a simple description of the image. A good rule of thumb is to make your alt text the same as your long tail keyword. 

4. It is also important to have credible links within the post. Some think that you never want to reference an outside source; however, by linking to an outside source that has credibility, it will give your post credibility with search engines. 

For more SEO practices, click here to read a detailed guide to SEO.

Although a great way to build a brand awareness is through producing a lot of content, it is worthless if your target market is not able to find it. That is why it is so important to make your content unique, so that it is easy to find and will also fulfill your readers' needs. If you are generating quality leads with your content, it is much more beneficial in the long run of inbound methodology than generating several unqualified leads. 

If you're sitting there wondering why on earth your business needs to get involved with SEO, take a look at this blog that can help explain the benefits of SEO. 

If you think you've mastered written content, it's time to try visual. Click below to learn about visual content.

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