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How To Navigate Twitter Analytics

Posted by Alexa Russell on Apr 10, 2019 12:50:00 PM

Navigating the Twitter Analytics platform can be confusing and overwhelming. There are 6 pages that all lead to countless more links, charts, and other data. Knowing how to quickly find the data you are looking for and leverage it for your accounts can save you time and money. Many people don’t have time to explore all of the crucial analytics that Twitter we did it for you. Watch our video below to get a rundown of the most vital sections of Twitter Analytics.

Twitter Analytics (re-edit)

Some important things to consider:

  • Engagement is key: Followers are not the most important number, engagement is. Increasing your engagement rate will help boost your other metrics. The more engagement you receive, the more people will see your tweets and customers who are engaged are more likely to buy your products and promote you. Using Twitter influencers can be helpful in boosting your engagement. Tip: If you engage with your followers they are more likely to engage with you.
  • Don't buy followersHaving 100 real, engaged followers is much more impactful than having 10,000 that don't interact with your brand. Twitter users usually know if you are guilty of buying followers and will be less likely to trust your brand. Your audience is looking for authentic brands that they can trust. Engage with the followers you have or want to gain more.
  • Impressions are misleading: Usually, your number of impressions will be your highest number. But don't start jumping for joy yet. Twitter defines tweet impressions as the "number of times users saw the tweet on Twitter." This could mean a number of things. It could mean someone actually engaged with your tweet by liking it or retweeting it. But, it could also mean it was on someone's timeline and they scrolled past it or refreshed their page and didn't even see it. Engagement rate is a much more useful metric when it comes to Twitter.

Now that you know the basics of Twitter analytics, you are ready to start using its data to reach your goals. Next, you can begin building campaigns and properly engaging with your followers. To learn more about how to fully leverage Twitter for your campaigns, download our FREE Guide to Twitter for Higher-Ed.

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