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How To: Pinterest For Business

Posted by Rachael Gamlin on Oct 13, 2014 9:20:00 AM

Alright, everyone. Clear your schedule, pull up a seat and put your learning caps on, ‘cause this is your formal invitation to today’s blog post, or what I like to call “Pinterest For Business Learning Time, B*tchezzz” So you’ve heard of this Pinterest thing, and you’re confused about it. Like... pinboards...for the interweb? YEP. Can this really help grow my business? DOUBLE YEP.


If you’re confused on the basics of all the glory encapsulated by Pinterest, you’re not alone. Before reading this blog, check out the one we did explaining some Pinterest ABCs. But if you’ve graduated to more of an intermediate level, this info sesh is for you. And if you’re thinking, “Nooooo, I’m already soooooo good at Pinterest,” stop. Stop that right now, because we’ll be covering brand new elements that Pinterest has just announced for businesses.

If you’re a business and you want to break into the virtual pinboard world, don’t make just any old account, make a business account. Through this, you can get verified, which is good for business because the little blue check next to your name will let Pinners know your company is 2 legit 2 quit. It’ll also let you get a cute lil’ Pinterest button that you can put on your website for visitors to repin your content to their boards.

Once you’ve invested in your Business account, you can start using the newly released Analytics page. This will allow you to look at which Pins are feeling the most love and have the most impressions (a.k.a how many times the content has been seen). Best of all, this service doesn’t cost you anything (Free tip: Always take the free stuff). You can learn all about the people that are sharing your info, including their gender, spoken languages and interests. Once you get past the creepiness, you’ll realize how useful this tool is.

Now for the the niftiest feature that Pinterest is experimenting with: Promoted Pins. Guys, this is big (especially for Pinterest because they’ll actually be able to start making some serious $$$). You know how sometimes you’ll be scrolling down your Instagram feed and you’ll see a picture with “sponsored” by its name? That’s how promoted pins will work. Businesses will have their product or informational pins placed where a potential customer will see them, but only pay based on the number of times a person clicks through the pin to the company’s website. You can set a maximum pay-per-click rate and a daily budget so you don’t spend more money than you have. Throughout the campaign, you can adjust the money you’re spending and the different settings you’re using.

Once you can start on promoted pins, be sure to analyze exactly what you are advertising.  The people over at Pinterest headquarters are stressing that you should be super picky and selective with the content you promote. Only choose pins to advertise if you honestly think it would garner a lot of click-throughs to your website.

Right now you can sign up to get priority access to this tool so that when Promoted Pins exit the beta stage, you’ll have first dibs at boosting your products. I would advise signing up for it early, as the competition isn’t too fierce, meaning the price to promote won’t be too high. It’s the perfect time to have your pins shine, so go forth to your pinboards and conquer the business side of Pinterest.


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