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How To Promote a Short Term Fundraising Project [VIDEO]

Posted by Don Crow on Mar 20, 2019 12:50:00 PM


At Verge Pipe Media, we just wrapped up another successful Tiger Giving Day for clients at Auburn University. Tiger Giving Day, as the name implies, is AU's version of the National Day of Giving which has sparked a ton of short-term campaigns, virtually all online (with notable offline components), and all with varying degrees of success. So what steps should you be taking to successfully promote a day of giving for your school, college or university?

Obviously, we're glad you asked as we've put together this video, How To Promote a Short Term Fundraising Project.

What do we mean by, "short term" in this case? It can be everything from a giving day to a less than 30 day effort to raise awareness and donations for a cause or project your school, college or university is seeking support for. For example, if you have a project that would normally fall through the cracks and not warrant a full blown development officer, you can create an online giving platform and then support through online and email efforts.

Here are some additional blog posts or resources to help your social media plan once you've watched the video:

how to promote a short term fundraising project


Click below, or visit us on YouTube to watch this, and other videos designed to help you be a better higher education marketing professional.





By starting early, gathering all the decision makers and making a proper, "campaign pitch", you can be well on your way to successfully planning and creating all the content you'll need for your short term campaign. Once you've got your project plan, stakeholder support and content library, you'll be all set to execute your very own short term fundraising campaign for your non-profit, school, college or university.

Questions? Take a look through our case study from a couple of years ago on how we helped a prominent higher ed client rock a giving day campaign!

how to execute a successful giving day


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