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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with College Events

Posted by MiKyle Crockett on Apr 3, 2015 10:25:13 AM

It is often the partying that a freedom-hungry freshman looks forward to when going away to college. Instead of shunning the young, wild and free, it would be a great idea to use this hunger to benefit your university in return. Hosting college events is a valuable tool that every university should take advantage of and is a simple way to engage both students and alumni. We understand that event planning is a huge task and often a work in progress, but use these key tips to remember how your events can help your university. 


  1. Engage – Getting students to get involved at an early stage in their collegiate career should be a goal of every university. Low involvement and diversification is a problem that can be solved with the right college events. Building this engagement will also help to increase your alumni involvement. Click HERE for great college event ideas. 
  2. Attract – Not only do events help to involve current students, but they also attract prospective students. Nothing is more appealing than a university who caters to their students. Hosting events that engage various audiences on campus can be a great way to highlight the strengths of your university. Click HERE for more insight to what prospective students really want.
  3. Connect – As mentioned above, increasing alumni involvement can be done through events as well. Gaining alumni who are truly invested expands resources and networks of your university. This is both attractive to current and prospective students and build the family aspect of investing in higher education. Throwing the proper events to attract alumni, keep them coming back and engaging with future alumni. Don’t forget to help yourself and use these tips HERE to remember 7 things about alumni events your boss wants to know.

Thanks to college events, you are able to engage, attract, and connect with one project. Since your focus can all be tunneled to one event at a time, the pressure is on to make sure it is done the right way. As always, we are here to help and have already thought of everything that could go wrong! Check out “The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About College Events” to make sure you do all the right things and get the most value out of your next college events.

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