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How to Stand Out on Cyber Monday

Posted by Eric Callaghan on Nov 11, 2015 9:43:17 AM

How to stand out on cyber monday

We all know by now that in addition to Black Friday, online shoppers can take advantage of Cyber Monday just a few days later without camping out in line or being trampled for a Playstation at Walmart. With the added comfort and wider reach due to ya know, the Internet, sales for this shopping holiday grow each year. How is your business supposed to stand out on Cyber Monday amidst the madness? Stick around and we'll tell you!

1. Start Now

As with most things in life, it pays to start sooner than later. Once you've read through this post we suggest you start immediately! Get things going now so you're not panicking the Tuesday before without a strategy. Not to mention, pushing out content about your sales now will keep you at the top of your customers' minds when the day does come.

2. Price Match

Your audience is looking for big deals, so why not honor the best that they've found? Not only will this help sway customers from your competitors, but you will get a little PR boost out of it too. Happy customers make for positive promoters. Positive promoters make for more business. More business starts the cycle all over again. Sounds like a no-brainer right?


3.  Don't Ignore your Email Newsletter

For some reason, people like to write off email and email newsletters as if they are of no use anymore. That is not true. The reality is, email marketing and email newsletters still have their place in a landscape shifting to inbound. If people have opted in to your newsletter, make sure you use it! How does this apply to Cyber Monday? You could create a gift-buying guide to show popular items for Christmas along with the deals you're providing during the sale. Likewise, show what items will be available based on their deal, i.e. "Items available for 40% off" or "Buy one, get one free" type deals. As long as you have that email customer base, make use of it.

4. Optimize your website For Mobile and make sure it can handle the traffic

 Your website should already be optimized for mobile devices, but if for some reason it isn't already, make sure it is before Black Friday weekend. Think of it from your customers' point-of-view: they may be Black Friday shopping and miss out on one of their must-have items. They find the shelf cleared and quickly pull out their smartphone to see where else it is available. Don't give them an added headache of a desktop view of your website on their iPhone. Think about what your user wants and how you can make their experience as easy as possible.

Likewise, make sure that your website can handle all the traffic not only that Monday, but for all of Christmas season. From a customer's point of view, not much is worse than planning on a big purchase only to see that the website is down.

5. Use your platforms, All of them

As you probably know, we're all about Inbound Marketing here at Verge Pipe Media. A huge part of our Inbound strategy is social media. With over a billion people using social media, it's prime for reaching your audience. For sales like this, Instagram and Pinterest could hardly be more of a perfect choice. Shopping is inherently a visual task, so using visual platforms will be incredibly effective. Post photos and pins of your hot items and sale items with links to your website. This will drive more traffic than you will know what to do with! Don't neglect Facebook and Twitter either. Updates on your sales, items left in stock and more can be informative posts on these platforms.

6. Thank You Page

After your customers go through the checkout process, make sure you have a warm thank you page. It's important to sound inviting and genuine, even if it's an online sale. While that interaction between an employee and a customer is virtual in this case, it is still key to ensuring the best possible experience for your buyers. Create a thank you page featuring large images of the holidays and wish them a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays before they leave your website. It may not seem like a big deal, but leaving your customers on a warm note will influence their conversion to a promoter.

There you have it. If your business follows these steps, you'll be able to teach all your employees about how to stand out on Cyber Monday for years to come. If you want some other tips on integrating your marketing techniques with Inbound, read the free eBook below!


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