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How to Turn the Digital Naive into the Digital Native

Posted by Eric Callaghan on Jul 27, 2016 9:11:28 AM

We've said it before, but our business is figuring out how to turn the digital naive into the digital native. In fact, it's right there under the Digital section on our home page. Technology is improving at a rapid pace which forces the world to play catch up. This can leave many businesses in the dust as they fail to adapt fast enough. That's why Verge Pipe Media is dedicated to turning the digital naive into the digital native. Let us show you how.

digitally naive into the digital native

Put Yourself in their Shoes

In order to lead someone through any kind of transformation, you have to understand them first. Get to know your digital naive client, friend, mother, whomever. Understand what it is they are struggling with and how much help they need to find the path to the digital native. 

For example, we recently did consulting for a local real estate company. We looked into what they were doing and the areas they needed help with. Our first step was an online and content audit. They needed a new website, had a Facebook page that was updated irregularly, and did not have accounts on Instagram or Pinterest, two important visual platforms for the industry. Speaking with them and doing some research into their existing strategy allowed us to formulate a plan and start them off on the right foot. Our next step was to create Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly copy to update their website for relevant keywords and build out the needed social media platforms. Once the foundations were in place, our final step was to produce a strategic content calendar and, "seed" their initial content.

Keep it Simple

Don't overwhelm the digital naive person you are trying to help. It's probably the reason they are digital naive in the first place. What they had been doing all along was working, and shifting to digital was too complicated. Now that they realize they won't survive without going digital, don't fill their head with too much information at once.

Start slow. Tell them what the most effective Facebook post looks like (image attached, proper hashtags if needed, intriguing copy, etc.). Show them how, and what, to post to Pinterest. Explain what they should blog about. Starting with just a few simple things and letting the momentum build will ease them into the process comfortably. It also wouldn't hurt to have a draft of a content calendar for them to follow and work off of.

Show and Tell

It's assumed that you'll have some marching orders for your soon-to-be digital native, but don't just tell them what to do. Show them. Write a sample blog for them, and once approved, show them how to:

A) Publish it to their website.

B) Post correctly to Facebook.

C) Pin the link to a Pinterest board.

D) Post the image to Instagram and swap out the link in the profile. 

Do all of these things with your padawan next to you so you're available for questions and they can see all the right buttons to push. Seeing it all done before their eyes will be more effective than written instructions, and the benefits of you being there to answer questions along the way only stand to help.

Stay in Contact

After you have showed your digital naive person how to become a digital native and unleashed them to conquer the internet alone, stay in contact. Monitor their website and social media platforms, check back in with them every few weeks and answer any questions they may have. There will inevitably be something that they forgot and a friendly reminder would be beneficial.

What's Next?

Continue checking back in, less frequently as time goes on, and continue answering their questions. Eventually, they won't need you anymore because you did such a great job leading the digital naive into the digital native. Meanwhile, you can start looking for more friends, clients, customers, and whoever else that needs your help entering the digital world. There will always be someone out there. 

Once you've taught the basics, perhaps you'll need to explain more about social media and inbound marketing to your client. Download our FREE eBook below so you can be the master and teach it to others!New Call-to-action


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