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How To Use Humor in Your Higher Ed Marketing

Posted by K'yani Gross on Jun 14, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Higher ed marketing does not have to be as formal as institutions usually make it. You can still market your school, college or university with class and continue to be very relatable to your target audiences. Higher education's consumers are typically millennials for enrollment and development and generation x and beyond for fund-raising. In order to "sell" to these crowds, you must learn how to use humor in your higher ed marketing.

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Higher ed institutions should try to inject humor into their marketing, but they should know what is humorous to their specific audiences. To begin, you should research what is funny to college students. You can conduct surveys to discover what your current students find comical and browse social media and see what's trending. Take a look at the most popular comedy clips on YouTube and Netflix within this demographic as well. These are just a few simple ways to get started on becoming more relatable to your target audience. 


Proper research will allow you to inject humor that your target consumers will understand. Your humor has to be relatable in order for it to be sucessful. Your audiences should be able to understand the jokes that you place into your social media and online campaigns. This is an important step and one which will need to be carefully vetted. Obviously, the humor that some demographics relate to may not be appropriate for others, and could then lead to a crisis PR situation. A little common sense goes a long way in making your humor relatable to very diverse and broad audiences.


Remember who you are and what your school, college or university is about. Do not obsess over becoming so relatable to your audience that you forget your original objectives. You should be able to keep your instituntion in high esteem while injecting humor geared towards college students and alumni alike. Do not forget to insert your pitch or underlying message within your campaigns. Market wisely!

By injecting humor into your higher ed marketing, you will gain more (positive) attention from your target audience. Research what's funny to your consumers, make sure the humor is relatable, and remember to always balance being professional with comical as well as your overarching objectives. 

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