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How Universities Can Best Use Social Media During Football Season

Posted by Eric Callaghan on Sep 14, 2015 9:26:00 AM

Autumn is in full swing and that means one thing: football. Friends and families are gathering every Saturday to pig out on barbecue and throw back some cold ones as they prepare to watch their team compete for glory. The television (and radio) used to be the only source of information for our score and injury updates, statistics, visuals, and postgame quotes. That has all been turned on its head with the explosion of social media.

How Universities Can How Universities can Best Use Social Media During Football Season

It's not just the fans who benefit though, it creates a huge opportunity for universities to delight their fans, students and alumni throughout the season. Take a look at how universities can best use social media during football season.

Post for your fans

It's always important in digital marketing to keep your audience in mind. During football season this is especially true. You must keep in mind that you are creating content for your school's fans above all else. Not boosters, THE FANS. Nobody wants to see you begging for donations at halftime or after the game. Instead, post a visually stimulating infographic made from the stats from the first half or final. Check out this example from Oregon football's Facebook page.


Final #Infographic#GoDucks #EWUvsUO

Posted by Oregon Football on Saturday, September 5, 2015

Make Use of Visuals

As we just mentioned, use visuals whenever you can. Instagram is made for this! Grab a shot of your big wide receiver climbing an invisible ladder to make the touchdown grab, or your linebacker crunching the opposing QB in the backfield. It's what the fans want to see (and remember, you're posting for your fans), and it's proven that visuals bring in more engagement.

Check out this picture from BYU Football's Instagram's page @byucougars.

BYU 24 - NEB 28. End 3Q. #GoCougs #BYUvsNEB #BYUFOOTBALL

A photo posted by BYU Cougars (@byucougars) on


Don't stop with just one photo or infographic either! Find a crisp template to post your head coach's uplifting halftime quote, the pre and post-game stats and numbers, or make a collage of all those great pics you got from the game. Hype videos during the offseason or leading up to a big game and highlight videos afterward are great for Facebook as well. There's no strict rules here, just make it cool and give the people what they want! Inforgaphics are versatile tools and can be used across all platforms to reach your audience.

Keep the Updates Coming

Did your team just score a big touchdown? Was there an injury stopping play on the field? A turnover? Tweet it out! While we all know how diehard college football fans can be, sometimes they get roped into a distant relative's wedding that unjustly takes place on a fall Saturday. It's your job to fill in the gaps so your fans don't miss anything noteworthy! Twitter is also a great tool to keep fans updated after an injured player leaves the field and for other behind the scenes updates. Take a look at some of Wisconsin football's tweets during their first game this seaon.


The Benefits?

By posting content that your fans want to see, it helps your college or university to stay in touch with your fanbase. That same fanbase that makes up a large portion of your students and alumni. It's all a part of building and maintaining your brand by providing content that people want to see, so that they keep coming back and you can engage them through other channels as well.



For more, check back with our 7 steps to success in higher education social media marketing, as well as the case study below to show you what our inbound marketing platform can do for your higher ed brand.

HCOB Case Study CTA

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