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How Your Business Can and Will Benefit From Social Media

Posted by Ally Arthur on Mar 29, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Thinking that your business is immune from adapting to social media puts your business at risk of not achieving its potential. Contrary to popular belief, social media is not just a passing trend. Rather, it is a powerful marketing tool that has the capacity to grow a business beyond its physical reach. By implementing social media into your business’ daily use, you can reach new clients and further establish your presence as a competitor.

mint julep.pngA major benefit social media provides for business is its ability to increase targeted website traffic. Not only does social media help direct people to your website, but the more traffic you drive to your optimized pages the higher your SEO ranking will be. Take for example, Mint Julep Boutique, an online shopping boutique that has reached unprecedented growth through a strong social media following. They took a simple idea of a boutique and made it available to any and every consumer by catering to an online community. They then grew the business by running targeted ads andbuilding a strong social media following, which in turn, created leads that turned into customers because the targeted audience was made aware of their online presence.

VW logo.pngSocial Media is also a platform for businesses to connect and interact with customers. If social media is used correctly, it can lead to the building of meaningful relationships, which in turn creates loyalty for both the business and the customer. Volkswagen does a great job of interacting with their customers on social media; customers can share their Volkswagen experiences on Facebook where members of Volkswagen’s team comment on them, and in some cases even publish them as case studies. They also optimize social media in more negative cases where customers are dissatisfied with a service or product, and use the tool to interact with them to amend whatever wrongdoing occurred.

Samsung_Logo.svg.pngSocial Media also gives your business an advantage to see what industry leaders are doing as well as what your competitors are doing. Take Samsung for example; they have noticed trends within their competitors and have recently run ads under a campaign that highlights their differentiation from their competitors. They are even taking it a step further and implementing campaigns centered around brand awareness, customer interaction, and web traffic on social media by running Facebook contests.

“These contests are run through Facebook apps on the appropriate page, so the audience must first visit the page in order to access the contest. In an attempt to hold the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest photo book, Samsung asked the Facebook community to contribute their own photos to help them make history. The incentive? A chance to win one of ten of the devices. This was brilliant, because it engaged the audience—more than 28,000 of them—and revolved around a Samsung product. Consumers could feel as though they were contributing to something greater, to making history. Plus, it made Samsung’s job easier in that they didn’t have to supply all thousands of pictures themselves! Running these contests is strategic because it keeps Samsung Facebook fans excited, checking back in for more. When visitors go to the Samsung Mobile Facebook page, not only do they see the contest tab they’re looking for, but they’ll also see other tabs that include owners’ and purchasing guides, tips for making the most of your devices, events, easy ways to upgrade your device, customer service and more—essentially encouraging more engagement with the brand and the product."

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