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Humorous Brand Twitter Accounts

Posted by Cody Lunsford on Sep 1, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Twitter can easily thought of as the perfect medium for comedians. Its short format allows just enough time to set up the premise and then deliver the perfect punchline. The observational nature of tweets also fits flawlessly into the wheelhouse of most comedians.


 Some of America’s favorite brands have decided to use Twitter’s perfect format for comedy to their advantage. Here are the top five funniest brands on Twitter, at least according to us.

#5 – Arby’s

Arby’s, the fast food chain known for its roast beef sandwiches, gained a lot of attention on Twitter during the 2014 Grammy Awards for tweeting at musician Pharrell saying, “Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back? #Grammys”


Arby’s isn’t a one-tweet pony, though. Recently, they’ve been making reference to movies, television, and video games combined with pictures of their food.


Avatar: The Last Airbender:



Suicide Squad:


Mortal Kombat:


Arby feels like your funny friend who is obsessed with pop culture. And also roast beef.

#4 – Netflix

Netflix, the juggernaut streaming company, is also great at comedic tweets. While not every tweet on the Netflix account is humorous, there are plenty of funny ones to find in their feed. What Netflix does that sets them apart is to reference shows and movies available on their website and to sometimes compare them to one another.


Final Destination 3:


Stranger Things and the recently announced Anne of Green Gables: Screen_Shot_2016-08-24_at_1.37.57_PM.png

Stranger Things and 50 First Dates:

Netflix does a great job at keeping things funny while still reminding you that they are all about movies and tv shows.

#3 – Denny’s

As we’ve written about on the site before, Denny's has a weird Twitter. Depending on your sense of humor, this weirdness can translate into some comedy gold.








 Denny's certaintly has a weird sense of humor for their Twitter, but the complete absurdity and unpredictability of what they will tweet next makes it an incredible account.

#2 – DiGiorno

 DiGiorno, the frozen pizza company known for its slogan “It’s Not Delivery, It’s DiGiorno," has a very specific type of comedy for its Twitter feed. DiGiorno’s brand of humor revolves around how much they love pizza and how they love nothing else but pizza.




They also live tweeted NBC’s live The Sound of Music event and used pizza puns combined with references to the musical.



DiGiorno’s enthusiasm for pizza is evident and that pure joy for their product is what makes the DiGiorno’s Twitter feed fun to follow.


#1 – Totino’s

The Totino’s Twitter is run as if there was a literal pizza roll, named Pete Zaroll, running the account. Pete Zaroll is a pizza roll who loves Totino’s, which is strange when you realize that often he’s talking about eating other pizza rolls. It’s weird and bizarre, but gut-wrenchingly funny. It also definitely makes you want to have some Totino's pizza rolls.




 Humor can be an incredibly effective way to differentiate your brands from the thousands on social media. If you use humor well, you have a higher chance of people following your accounts. The key, however, is to use humor that fits the tone of your brand and relates back to what your brand is. A pitfall that sometimes occurs are brands with humourous Twitter accounts that will post jokes that have nothing to do with the brand or the product that they are trying to sell. As long as you stay true to your brand and make sure your tweets reflect your company, you can leverage humor to have a stand-out Twitter account.

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