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Inbound Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted by Chelsea Phillips on Jan 21, 2015 11:45:00 AM


If you’ve ever been watching television or surfing the web, you’ve been a victim of outbound marketing. 

Outbound marketing is the traditional form of marketing where a company sends out its message, whether you care or not. These advertisements are seen anywhere from television and radio commercials to newspaper and magazine ads and even from telemarketers and emails.

We consider outbound marketing a sledgehammer, getting the message across to any and everyone. explains three major problems with outbound marketing:

  1. There is difficulty in tracking return on investment (ROI). How can a company truly measure how effective its advertisement has been to those it has attempted to reach?
  2. There are an increasing number of blocking techniques. If you do not want to be bothered with commercials while watching your favorite television show, "DVR" it, save it for later and fast forward past those commercials.
  3. It’s high cost and low yield. Although it is hard to track and not as profitable, organizations spend roughly 90 percent of their marketing budget on outbound marketing.

So, you’re probably wondering what is the solution? It’s simple. Inbound marketing. This approach is more like a magnet, drawing people (who are actually interested) in.

Inbound marketing has been the most successful way of doing business online since 2006. Instead of throwing content into the customer’s face, it relies on them to find it, attracting people to their brand and converting them from strangers to customers. Consider inbound marketing earning its way in while outbound forces its way in.

Companies should be more willing to switch to inbound marketing because, quite frankly, outbound is out-of-style. Eighty-six percent of viewers skip TV advertisements, 91 percent unsubscribe from emails, 44 percent never open direct mail and more than 200 million people are on the national Do Not Call list.

As with anything else in life, there are pros and cons. Let's explore several in our quick list of inbound marketing advantages and disadvantages below:


  1. Inbound marketing costs 61 percent less than traditional, outbound marketing. Who doesn’t love to save money?
  2. Inbound marketing increases website traffic and lead generation. Web traffic to marketing is like location for real estate!
  3. Inbound marketing is Internet friendly. There are more than 3 billion Internet users in the world. Need we say more?


  1. Inbound marketing requires a budget.
  2. Inbound marketing takes a few months to work.
  3. Inbound marketing requires that you have a blog.

So, how can inbound marketing factor into higher education?

Seventy-six percent of students use social media when deciding where to enroll into college. With keywords, blogs and Slideshare, they will find targeted info to help them with their decision. Inbound Marketing is a problem solver, a solution provider, and an information partner.

Let's all say "see you later," to outbound!. You've bugged a mass audience for long enough.

If you're interested in how to retain some of your outbound marketing approaches, but also adding automated marketing with the help of a higher ed inbound marketing agency like Verge Pipe Media, we recommend you download our free guide by clicking the blue button below and completing a short form.

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