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Influencer Marketing: The 3 Archetypes that impacts Millennials

Posted by K'yani Gross on Jun 16, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that targets specific types of individuals instead of the whole market. It recognizes the people who have influence over potential buyers and allows businesses to market around these influencers.Millennials have been the focus of many businesses due to the increase of technology. Therefore, this creates more opportunities for businesses to influence Millennials.

Influencer marketing can be a smart way to better reach your target audience if done right. You need to reach your key archetypes to be successful. If leveraged properly, these influencers have the potential to help amplify your ad campaign or content ideas. Below, we've defined 3 key archetypes to help you make sure your next influencer marketing campaign is top notch. 



People look to educators to help inform them about a certain topic or subject. Individuals and Millennials alike naturally tend to trust the words of those who are teachers or professors. Society views educators as insightful and that allows them to easily influence others with their assumed knowledge of many subjects. You should consider reaching out to, or leveraging your in-house subject matter experts in your campaigns. Featuring a person of great knowledge as a spokesperson in your ad campaign is a great way to earn trust on a certain topic. Always consider what problem your target audience is trying to solve and then decide which educator is appropriate. Then use their influence on the topic to help distribute your message.  


Helpfulness and engagement are two things that coaches are known for. Coaches always want to see you succeed! They are the type of people who strive to make you the best at whatever it is that you want to do. Their influence over one's self-determination is enormous and often give individuals the push that they need to get started on their goals. That said, it is very helpful for marketers to find those "coaches" when looking for influencers. What influencers have an engaged and motivated following? What influencers use the power of persuation to inspire their audience to make a certain action. These are the individuals that can be extra helpful with a marketing push or campaign.


Entertainers can have a very strong effect on society. Millennials tend to follow the trends of their favorite entertainer. Young adults want to mimick celebrities; whether, it is the clothes they wear to the kind of dryer they use in their house. Entertainers are often role models so it is only natural to assume the amount of power entertainers have over individual's decisions. How many times have you bought a product because your favorite actor/actress was plastered on the cover or spoke highly of it? This may be the the harest type of influencer to secure for your campaign (it's going to cost you more money), but can be well worth it to tap into the audience they command.

Businesses should consider using influence marketing in their ad campaigns to target their potential buyers if the budget allows. Reaching and engaging your audience by utilizing one of the three influencer groups can help directly increase and affect the decisions of your target buyers. 

Many brands today are trying to reach the elusive Millennial demographic and influencer marketing is one way to do just that. If you'd like to learn more tactics to help you market to millennails, click below and download our FREE eBook. This guide will help you better understand the mindset of this coveted demogrpahic and how your brand can stand out amongst the clutter.

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