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Make Spring Sing with College Event Ideas

Posted by Chelsea Phillips on Feb 23, 2015 9:31:00 AM

While college brings some of the best memories of your life, the college retention rate during the spring semester is generally low. Students may decide not to return to college due to problems stemming from loneliness, academic struggles or cost.

If you are looking for how to make your spring semester sing, consider using a few of our college event ideas to combat low retention rates.


  1. Field Day. Have a day of childhood fun on the concourse to kickoff the last few months of school. Admit it, we all miss the carelessness that being a youth brought. How often do you find yourself reflecting on fun times when you were younger? All you will need is a few jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, a couple of dodge balls and water balloons! A Field Day will help remind students that school can be fun; there’s more to it than just learning, and there are many new faces on campus to meet!
  1. Part-Time Job Fair. Ok, this probably doesn’t sound as fun as playing Hop Scotch or Dodge Ball on the concourse, but it will be beneficial for students that may be interested in working, but do not know of many places looking to hire students part-time. This will also help those students who may consider leaving school because of lack of money. You would be surprised how many students are interested in part-time work while in college.
  1. Academic Resources: Many would be amazed of the number of students who do not know how many resources there are for people who struggle academically. After all, there are a large percentage of students who do not return to school because of academic struggles. Having tables set up with information ranging from advising to career services can play a huge role in a student’s success. 
  1. International Food Tasting. First and foremost, is there any college student that you know who does not LOVE free food? Second, there are infinite types of food to try, and what better way to kick off the last few months of the school year? New, tasty food can bring as much excitement to a college student as the first day of high school brings to high school students! This food tasting will also expose students to foods they would have never tried before from all around the globe.
  1. Pop-Up Shop. Sorry fellas, but pop-up shops have always been a hit to college women across various campuses. Having representatives from different make-up departments, teaching women the fundamentals of the art of make-up can be a fun way to get ladies out and about during the spring semester.

With the help of your University’s student outreach, we assure that you will have a successful turnout at these ideas for college events. Whether it’s having childhood fun, getting serious with academics, or tasting new foods, we assure that these students will thank you for these opportunities later! If you'd like more information on  college marketing ideas, click the link below.

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photo credit: Hopscotch via photopin (license)

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