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Marketing to Millennial Myths: As Told by a Millennial

Posted by Andrea Glazer on Jun 22, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The term “millennial” comes with baggage. Adjectives like lazy, narcissistic, spoiled, and materialistic are used to describe this generation. What older generations don’t realize however, is that we, the millennial generation, use these associations as a motivator to prove the negative stereotypes wrong. Join me, a millennial, as I outline some marketing to millennial myths.

The millennial minds is wired differently. Growing up with the advanced technology we have today enhanced our learning and opened new doors that previous generations were not granted. We don’t react to traditional marketing strategies and habits like other generations. We are harder to satisfy with marketing because we don’t respond to magazine ads or billboards. It is hard to grab our attention when we are bombarded with ads 24/7. 

Companies need to realize that traditional marketing strategies are “so last generation.” Maybe if companies understood the stereotypes about the millennials are incorrect, they could better understand their buyer personas and market correctly to the generation who will be running various industries in a few years. I’m here to help you understand “us” better. Here is what you need to know to better grab our attention and improve your marketing strategy:


3 Myths Debunked:

 We are rebellious

  • We are not “rebellious,” we are adventurous. Use this to your advantage. We are willing to try new things, go new places, and step out of our comfort zone. We have good intentions.
  • Just because we are more comfortable outside of our comfort zone, doesn’t mean we are rebelling.

We are narcissists

  • Yes, a good selfie every now and then is fun, but that doesn’t make us narcissists. Millennials care more about our planet and environment than previous generations. Studies show that 30% of millennials are engaged in supporting causes.
  • A possible strategy to implement in your organization in order to attract millennials is fundraising or cause-related marketing. We are willing to interact with anything that's tied to improving our planet and our future.

We respond better to traditional marketing techniques

  • One correct statement is we are stubborn, but not in a negative way. We don’t want products thrown in our faces. If we want something we will reach out to the company ourselves. Don’t bombard us with cold calls, spam our emails with useless content, or expect us to pay attention to billboards when we’re driving. If we want something, we will actively seek it out.
  • Inbound marketing strategies prove to be significantly more successful ESPECIALLY to millenials. This elusive target market is hard to market towards, but inbound marketing will allow them to choose you over the outdated, traditional, and ineffective traditional marketing tactics.

If Marketing to Millennials is what you’re after, make sure you realize we are the innovative, open-minded, and free spirited generation who have the best intentions in bettering society and the environment.

Take time to get to know us, and realize how incorrect certain stereotypes about us are. Trust me, we are worth it.

If you'd like to learn even more about marketing to millennials, we've already done a lot of the legwork for you! Cick below and download our eBook for even more strategies and tips to attract this elusive target market to your brand.

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