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Millennial's Reactions to Facebook Reactions

Posted by K'yani Gross on Jul 12, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The Facebook team has been updating their website with a lot of sleek new features. One of these being the Facebook reaction emojis. There are now six buttons you may now choose from when reacting to a posting. This includes: the like button, love button, haha button, wow button, sad button, and angry button. These new options has allowed users to accurately display their true feelings about a post/picture/video. 


What do Millennials have to say about this new feature? Is it necessary? Have they taken a liking to the added feature? I interviewed fellow Facebook users from the Verge Pipe Media team to get their opinions. These are the reactions I got about Facebook reactions.


On the mobile app, you can hold down the like button and the other reactions will appear for you to choose from. Our video editor, Chad, believes that using the new reactions are easy. There aren't any special techniques you have to go through in order to find the emojis. Our sales representative, Melissa, finds the easy access to be rather annoying. The reactions can appear when you are wanting to just use the like button. Even people who aren't millennials are able to use this added feature. 


The reactions were requested by many Facebook users. People wanted to properly express their emotions about a post. Many users posted statuses referring to their dismay about having to like a sad picture/post. The executive director at Verge Pipe Media, Tod, believes that the reactions are great. He uses the new emojis more than the like button. He loves to use this feature because it is refreshing and new.


Do millenials find this feature necessary? Would users miss the reactions? Chad, Eric, Crystal, and I agree that if the reactions were taken away; we would not miss them. We do not find the emojis necessary but we do understand the purpose of them. As a millennial, I believe that the reactions are helpful but not a necessity.

So how does Facebook reactions pan out with millennials? Overall, it seems as though the Verge Pipe Media team is relatively neutral to the idea of the new feauture. We use it but it is not necessary that it's an option for us to choose from. Facebook has reinforced the idea of using social media to express yourself by adding these emojis.

If you enjoyed reading about millennials reactions to Facebook reactions, you should check out our eBook on marketing to millennials.

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