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Qualities Employers Look For When Hiring Millennials

Posted by Annie Lazor on Sep 8, 2016 9:00:00 AM

It’s 2016, so if we do the math, people who were born in the 2000’s are well in high school. Heck- a couple athletes born in 2000 won Olympic medals this past summer. As the years that seem like yesterday now become decades ago, we also realize that Millennials will be entering the workforce. This may look like a bad thing- many Generation X and Baby Boomers tend to look down upon this generation. They’re seen as self-absorbed, lazy, entitled, the list goes on. There are many things Millennials bring to the table that complement older generations' knowledge. To clear the air, we decided to give an inside scoop on qualities employers look for when hiring Millennials.


  1. They have passion.

The 2000s have been filled with a lot of great events; but the media is far more invested in the evils of the world than the heart-warming stories. This hits home with Millennials. They have seen everything from 9/11, to school shootings, to weather disasters destroying lives. This is where they get their passion from; Millennials see all the bad in the world and want to take part in stopping it altogether. They want to be global citizens through everything they do. They are civil-oriented, because they care the most about their impact on their surroundings rather than what they are doing for themselves. This also stretches into being team-oriented, our next topic.

  1. They aren’t just there to “punch in, punch out”.

Millennials are big on completing tasks. Personally, I only get things done if I tell myself what I want to accomplish by the time I’m done with work. This is common among Millennials, and this increases workflow and efficiency in the workplace. They are also the first generations with schedules; many of them had set days planned out in their childhood. First, school, then homework and tutors, soccer practice, dinner, more homework, TV watching, and finally bedtime. This plays a huge role into why they are focused on goal setting and achieving those goals. 

  1. They are risk takers, and come ready to learn.

Many people in their twenties in this generation are much more into taking risks. They’re not afraid to move across the country for a job right out of college, they want to throw up a spontaneous, wild idea during a meeting, and they aren’t tied down to anything in their lives. They want challenges, which brings us back to problem solving within their passion for what they do. They also are brand new to the working stage, which means they are locked in and ready to learn the company backwards and forwards.

  1. They are technologically savvy.

This one is a no-brainer, but still needs to be recognized. While most of our grandparents are now fully using Facebook (or think they are), Millennials are the nucleus of social media. They are the only generation that has had Internet their entire lives, and use it every day. They might be able to teach co-workers ways to incorporate new styles and applications to boost your company. This pairs nicely with their ability to take risks; they are not afraid to pitch ideas, bring fresh content to the table, and build the brand using a new approach, like social media.


Hopefully this gives you a new perspective on how Millennials can increase productivity, bring energy to the workplace, and showcase your product in a new light. We love hiring Millennials for these reasons, and think they bring a sense of freshness and spontaneity to companies.

If you are on board with hiring Millennials, we have the inside scoop on what they think about and what they can bring to your brand. Here’s our FREE resource on how to market to them, also!

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