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Ready, Set, Plan! College Event Ideas for Prospective Students

Posted by Haley Haas on Oct 6, 2014 9:01:00 AM

When it comes time for a high school senior to make “the biggest decision of their life” and choose the college they will attend, they inevitably choose the school with the best marketing strategies, even if they don’t realize it. Being in the higher ed marketing biz, it is your responsibility to make your college stand out among the rest. The Pressure is on.

Screen_Shot_2014-10-06_at_8.53.12_AMAttracting the highest caliber of students to attend your institution is extremely important to the success of your school, and knowing which marketing strategies to employ can be tricky. A great way to recruit top-notch students is through interactive events that persuade them to fall in love with your college. Getting prospective students to visit your campus for a fun college event will push them toward attending your university while also giving them a taste of what being a college student is really like.

There are numerous types of events your college can hold for high school prospects, but here are few college event ideas to get you started:

1. A spirited game day tailgate- Invite prospective students to join current students at a fun pregame tailgate. This will give the high school students an opportunity to meet other prospective students looking to apply, and a chance to mingle with students from your university. It is a great way to immerse the prospective applicants into your school’s traditions, and make them feel a part of your college’s family.

2. Be a student day- Break away from the typical college tour mold, and allow your prospective students to be a college kid for the day. Have a day where high school students can sit in on classes, walk around campus, and hang out with current students at your school. Make it a half-day event, where the prospective students can get a true feel for what college life is really like. Provide them lunch, and give them the low down on your college in a fun and interactive way.

3. Recruiting banquets- Hold recruiting events in big cities in the surrounding areas near your college. Host a dinner banquet where high school students can come with their parents, hear about your college, and enjoy some good food!

Now that you have some college event ideas, go out and plan your next event for prospective students.

If you’re curious about more fun college event ideas for your campus, head over to our blog to learn more.


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