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Red-flags Employers Look for When Hiring

Posted by Alex Pogue on Mar 6, 2019 12:50:00 PM

 When it comes down to interviewing, there is not one specific recipe for success. All companies are unique in their own way. You must fit the company culture and that can look different for everyone and every organization. 

Even without a formula for what employers like to see, there are definitely qualities that all employers will not hire a candidate for. It gets to be a little tricky when you're looking for tips for success and that's why we put together a list of 'red-flags' employers should be on the lookout for.

Whether you're looking for a job or trying to hire someone, knowing and identifying these red flags can be beneficial for everyone. Some of our tips may sound simple and self explanatory but you would be surprised by the precent of people who actually do them without even thinking about it. 




There might still be more things to consider after learning the Top 10 Red-Flags:

Don't Delete Later

Change your mentality from "I'll delete that later when I'm looking for a job" to "I should keep that off my profile.' Career Builder's survey found that 57 percent of employers won't hire a candidate because they can't find them online. Make sure you check for an employee online before the interview process starts because not having any social media in our modern day and age can be just as much of a 'red-flag.'

After the Interview

Got the job? After learning the Top 10 Things Employers Don't Want to See in the video above, it is still important those things still stay off your social media. Getting the job or hiring someone doesn't mean that you can disregard doing regular social media checks. Employers should check employees social media regularly because these are the people representing their company culture. If you're doing the hiring or if you're wanting to be hired, it's just as important to learn all the red-flags so that everyone represents the company in the best light possible. To learn more about how to be your best self on social media, or learn about social media in general, click below and download our free ebook! 

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