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Smartphones and Live Sporting Events

Posted by Don Crow on Dec 15, 2014 2:38:16 PM


Almost every living room in America now features a 50+ inch High Definition television, Wi-Fi, clean (maybe?) bathrooms, and a smart remote to self-manage replays, speed of the game and more. So is that why Americans are ditching live sporting events in favor of the home experience?

Maybe. There are certainly lots of factors at play, and one that cannot be discounted is the growth in smartphones, apps, and social networking being such a central part of everyone's day.

We're fortunate to combine our love of sports with clients who trust us to create and manage their game day experiences. We've taken some of those lessons learned and paired it with survey data from a recent project aimed at understanding the intersection of smartphones and live sporting events.




As you can see, fans are on their smartphones! And they're communicating and sharing all aspects of their experience with friends, family, and networks who may also be at the same event, at another event, or at home.


We hope you'll use these points to help refine your social media marketing strategies as well as improving your game day experience. If you need assistance getting started, improving current results, or just want to learn how to use Inbound Marketing to help you reach your goals, please contact us via the button below.

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