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Social Media Publishing: How Hard It Really Is

Posted by Catherine Andrews on Mar 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Most people don't consider social media publishing difficult. While this may be the case for your personal social media account, it is a completely different story when it comes to posting on a professional account. There are several different aspects that come into play when planning even one post for social media. This blog will take you through the different aspects of social media posting from a professional standpoint.

Any company that is using social media as a platform to gain more customers and loyal followers, needs to make a posting schedule, or content calendar. With a schedule, it is much easier to plan out every post on all of the different platforms. The first step is to run some tests on all of the different platforms at different times to get a feel for how often and what time of day your followers like to be reached by you. This can and more than likely will vary between different platforms. After you have discovered what times of day and how often you should post on the different platforms, it is smart to make a content calendar where you can plan out each individual post. By planning out posts in advance, you will be able to make sure that you are not posting certain subjects too often or not enough. You can also plan social media campaigns more effectively and better track your consumer's responses. HubSpot offers a content calendar template that provides you with an easy way to plan out your social media. Below is an example content calendar template:Content Calendar Template


When it comes to writing a specific post, it is important that you have your preferred audience in mind so that you use the correct tone to attract them. Social media provides companies with a more personalized way to communicate with customers, and it can be very beneficial to companies if it is done right. So, find the right tone that works for your audience and make sure that you are tapping into that same tone every time you go to write and schedule a post. This tone may also vary between platforms. For instance, your Facebook followers may enjoy more detailed, longer posts while your Twitter followers are looking for something short and sweet.


Yes you can write the perfect Tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram caption, but that may not be enough to capture your viewers' attention. A great way to support the content that you are writing is with a relevant and high quality image. An image adds the support that your post needs by capturing their attention within a few seconds. Once viewers see the image, it will then lead them to read the text, which is what you want. However, with so many posts going out everyday, it can be hard to keep up the quality and variety of your images. If your image is cut off or blurry this can give your viewers the idea that the low quality of that image represents the quality of your company. It is something that takes time and planning ahead, and should not be left until the last minute. 

Character Limit

When you're trying to write posts that are conveying the correct tone while also getting your message across, it can be difficult when you only have 140 characters to work with. You want to make sure that you are capturing your viewers' attention while also giving them enough information so that they understand the point of the post. A great way to lead your viewers to your website is by including a link to your webpage that will provide them with more information about your post. The downside to this, however, is that it takes up even more of your characters. This means that you have very few characters to work with. Thankfully this character limit really only applies to Twitter, leaving you more room to explain the specific details on Facebook and Instagram. Below you can see a sample post that includes the text, image, and a placeholder for the link while also being scheduled for a specific time.Sample Twitter Post

Once you have planned out your posts by deciding when they will be posted, what they will say, and what image and link will go with them, it is time to check it over. While social media has several benefits, it can also be your downfall. If you continuously publish posts that have incorrect grammar or spelling, broken links, or a low quality image, your company be seen as low quality just like your posts are. 

To outsiders, social media can seem like a breeze, but if your goal is to attract the right kind of viewers with a high quality post, it should not be something that you fire and forget. It takes time to develop the perfect schedule, tone of voice, and image, but trust me, it is worth mastering!

If you're looking to learn more about how to use social media well to further your business, click below.

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