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Spring Events College Students Will Want to Attend

Posted by Maddie Coats on Mar 24, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The first day of spring is upon us and it’s time to start switching out our winter coats for tank tops and shorts! Spring is a perfect opportunity for colleges and universities to market themselves and take advantage of the season’s rejuvenating environment. Just because there are no football games doesn’t mean there is no fun to be had! Take a look at our ideas for spring events students will want to attend. 




Spring is the time underclassmen start to think about their summer plans or when seniors start to feel graduation inching closer and closer (yikes!). The perfect time for an internship or career fair! This type of event will appeal to many students who are looking to be productive over the summer. Internships, or even part time jobs, are all part of gaining real-world experience to make students stand out to future employers. For more info, check out why internships are so important for college students



With the weather getting warmer and the clouds fading away, it’s time to welcome back our old friend . . . The sun! During the spring, students are more motivated to spend their time outdoors and embrace the nice weather. Organizing events like nature walks or hikes is a great ways to get students involved. For example, here at Auburn, the Louise Kreher Reserve promotes numerous spring events through the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Events like this encourage students of all majors to embrace the great outdoors, as well as to learn more about nature.



Free food is the best incentive for college students. Put a spin on this age-old not-so-secret way to attract student to events. Host an event centered around food. A cooking demo or workshop would provide not only free food, but also teach students the skill of cooking. Another great event idea is an international food festival that promotes the cultural celebration of the Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival. Who doesn’t love dumplings, noodles, and egg rolls, right?



The spring is a great time to enjoy other university sports other than football. Don’t get me wrong, football is great, but fall is long gone and it’s time to give some love to spring sports like baseball, tennis, track, and softball. You’re not a true fan unless you are a supporter of all the sports your institution offers.

Events go a long way in engaging, attracting, and connecting students, especially at bigger institutions. Use these ideas to help make sure students will want to attend your events!

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