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How Task Management Can Keep You From Crumbling Under Pressure

Posted by Chad Oliver on Mar 2, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Everyone has felt overwhelmed at some point in their life. Students forget to do their homework until they dig themselves into a hole and it feels impossible to get out. In the professional world, you are often given more tasks than you think you can handle. Project management can be hard. In these situations, it’s tempting to just curl up in a ball and binge-watch The Office on Netflix, denying the fact that you’ve got work to do. Not a great plan.4257136773_5634a21fa2_b.jpgThe work that is assgined to you needs to get done and you need a strategy to complete it. Lucky for you, we've got three simple steps you can follow! These steps may seem fairly straight forward, but every time we feel behind in our work, this is the strategy that we at Verge Pipe Media use.

Step 1: Take Inventory
Break down, task by task, exactly what needs to be done. Then, make your task list. It may seem like you’re wasting time list-building instead of getting down to what needs to be done, but in our experience, it's always worth it. Once you get every single item that needs to be done into a tangible list, take a moment to breathe and look over the list, making sure you didn’t forget anything. Every time a task list is created, it never seems like as much work as was originally thought back when it seemed overwhelming. Taking inventory alone will ease the mind and help you to focus.

Step 2: Start Working On Your First Task
Now it’s time to get started on the first assignment. There’s not much of a science to it, just pick the one that needs to be completed most urgently and work on that one first. Then work your way down the list. If they all have the same amount of urgency, just pick one and start working! More than just having a list, actually crossing things off of it will make you feel even better.

Step 3: Finish Your Task To It's Completion, THEN Move on
Eventually, you will find yourself in a work groove and you’ll be crossing things off your list faster than you thought possible. It is important to remember that when you start a task, work it to it’s completion before moving onto the next. Bouncing around between projects is not an effective way to work on multiple projects. It may feel like you’re getting more done this way, but you’re having to change your mindset from one task and reorient yourself to another. It just doesn’t make sense to work this way. Stay focused and don't multi-task because there's no such thing!

When you cross of the last task from your list, if you’re anything like most of us, you won’t be ready for it. You’ll not be expecting to finish so quickly and you’ll think to yourself, “Surely I forgot to add something to my list, I can’t possibly be done!”

See how much easier a task management plan can make things? It's that simple. Now that you've knocked out that list, you might deserve a break. But if you’re not ready to take a breather just yet and would like to do some more reading, click the link below to find out more about Inbound Marketing and what makes up our task lists here at Verge Pipe Media.


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