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Tech Companies That Dominated Video Marketing in 2016

Posted by Cody Lunsford on Jan 25, 2017 9:00:00 AM


tech companies that dominated video marketing


How many videos have you watched in the past 24 hours? I'm not talking about TV shows or movies that you have made time for and sat down specifically to watch. I'm talking about videos from friends on Facebook, brands you follow, or entertainment pages. Some of these may be accidental and you find yourself watching the video without even realizing it. Other times, you may click on a video because it's not like fifteen seconds is that much time, right?

I personally find myself watching dozens of videos each day that aren't TV episodes or movies and a good portion of it is branded material. This isn't even counting other types of video chat services like Snapchat.

Online video has become an ever present component of daily life and while some video services like Vine have faltered,  online video as a whole continues to grow as a major focus of marketing. Hubspot's State of Inbound 2016 found that 48% of marketers planned to incorporate YouTube in their marketing efforts over the next six months and 39% planned to include Facebook Video as part of their strategy. Hubspot also found that 1/3 of ALL online activity is watching video. 

Clearly video is an integral part of an effective marketing strategy. This is a fact that many of the top tech companies utilized in 2016, by creating great video content. While some of these videos also aired on television, they had a big presence online. Each company also had a much different approach to their videos, showing how truly versatile video content can be, even within the same industries. These are the tech companies that dominated video marketing in 2016.

FACEBOOK - Jarvis A.I.

Facebook has definitely been focusing on making video a huge part of their platform, with algorithms that better serve videos and the introduction of Facebook Live, which by all accounts seems highly successful so far. It only makes sense then, that they used video to announce the Jarvis artificial intelligence that Mark Zuckerberg has been working on. Facebook created videos that revolved around Mark putting the Jarvis A.I. in his house and how it has worked for him and his family so far. They also use humor to point out that there's still a lot of work to be done with the A.I. The humor in the video also comes from this family living in a slightly futuristic house, but still dealing with things that most families deal with like the husband messing up stuff by tinkering. It's a great strategy for the premiere of the A.I. because it's a video showing that the introduction of Jarvis to a house will become a normal part of life.



GOOGLE - A Year in Review

This year Google released a "year in review" video that highlighted some of the biggest moments of 2016, good and bad. They start the video by highlighting divisiveness and violence and then end on a hopeful note that "love is out there." It's an emotional and well-crafted video and furthers the idea that Google is a part of life. It is there in the good times and bad and all the times in between. Every part of your life, Google will be there. It's a great strategy for Google and this video does an excellent job at conveying it. 






Don't Have Time to Watch All the Videos? Check Out Our Infographics on Top 5 Tech Companies Using Video Marketing.


MICROSOFT - Surface Pro 4

When it came time for Microsoft to promote their Surface Pro 4, they chose to illustrate its effectiveness as a work tool by highlighting professionals who use the Surface Pro for their daily work life. It is a very effective video strategy because it shows you just how helpful using this device for your job would be. 



APPLE - Apple Watch

For promoting their Apple Watch, Apple wanted to emphasize the amount of different activities you would be able to do while wearing the watch. They wanted to convey that the watch wouldn't prevent you from doing any activity, but would in fact make those activities easier. You can go swimming with the watch, but choose to ignore the call from your boss. You can go out for the night and use the watch to help you as you go throughout your evening. It definitely helps convey the idea that the Apple Watch will not be intrusive in your life.



AMAZON - Amazon Echo

Amazon introduced their Amazon Echo, featuring Alexa A.I., and they have been wildly successful. The videos they created to promote their new product are meant to show humorous situations where using the "Hey Alexa" feature could be helpful in helping you make decisions or giving you information. The videos are funny and also show real problems that Amazon Echo can fix.







So What's the Point?

All five of these campaigns were highly successful and showed that these tech companies knew what they were doing when it came to marketing. Each campaign was geared to each company's or each product's strength. Video is not going anywhere anytime soon, so you or your company should be placing a large focus on growing your online video presence. The way to do that well is to do what this companies did and play to your strengths.

But we don't just talk the talk. We also walk the walk when it comes to video. Want to see how we used video content marketing for one of our higher ed clients and took their content to the next level? Click below!

video content marketing for higher education

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