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The A to Z on Gen Z and Higher Education [VIDEO]

Posted by Don Crow on Jul 17, 2019 8:59:00 AM

Studying Generation Z, or iGen as some refer to those born in the mid 1990's through 2015, has been a two-fold fascination for me. On the one hand, Verge Pipe Media began and continues to serve Higher Ed with social media marketing strategy, inbound marketing for student enrollment and alumni (re)engagement, and video marketing for all of the above. On the other hand, I have two members of Gen Z at home, one of whom has been researching Colleges for the past year.

the a to z on gen z higher ed

That's why I'm taking to video to share equal parts research / focus groups and first-hand experience on what your school, college, or university could be doing to improve your lot with Gen Z - or in friendly terms, The A to Z on Gen Z and Higher Education.


Knowing how important online relationships are to Gen Z is only part of the equation. Some of the other parts include who is in the relationship and on what platforms to engage on - and we've got research to help you! Just tap the, "DOWNLOAD" button below to get a free copy of our white paper where we studied what students want from their College Deans' today!

digital deans white paper

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