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The Art of Managing Web Traffic and Engaging Online

Posted by Eric Callaghan on Aug 31, 2015 9:45:00 AM

With social media becoming increasingly essential by the day in the business world, we hear more and more about the importance of managing web traffic and engaging online with followers. But what does that really mean? Strap in, you're about to find out!

The Art of Managing Web Traffic and Engaging Online


We've already told you why community managers are important, so now lets take a look at two of their most important roles for their online presence.


Web Traffic, What is It?

Traffic, it's what you sit in every morning on your way to work questioning why you didn't wake up earlier to beat it, again. For our purposes, we're talking about a different kind of traffic, web traffic. Web traffic is simply the number of visitors your web site, Facebook, Twitter, or any other page on the internet receives. It's much less rage inducing than road traffic, and is a necessity for your digital community.


So How Do You Manage It?

Like so many things in life, data. Whether it's something like Facebook or LinkedIn's built-in analytics, your website hosting company, or Google analytics, tracking visitors to your website is what it's all about. Drop by VPM Academy to find more tools for successful social media management

Discovering where your visitors hopped on, be it through a web search or a social media post, and what "exit" they took, i.e. what page they left from, can tell you so much about your content. It can tell you what times are the best for posting, what sort of content is most popular, and overall what your customers are interested in so you can tailor your approach to fit their needs.


What is Online Engagement?

Online engagement is simply the interaction that occurs online between your brand and an online visitor. It can be a customer purchasing something from an online store, a like, favorite, or better yet a discussion between the customer and the business on social media. It all falls under the umbrella of engagement. Don't let your customer interaction end once they're outside the door.


How Do You Engage?

A great source of interaction with customers is the content you are posting, especially if you are asking questions and generating discussion on social media. However, engagement is not limited to this one area. By searching for like-minded people or brands that are in your industry, you can engage with them and have thought provoking conversation based on what they are posting as well. This will stimulate more active customers online, and allow you to build a community of these more loyal patrons. It is more effective to have a smaller but highly active online presence than a larger one with little interaction, so look past the follower count.


So there you have it. Find out what your site's visitors are most interested in, tailor your content to meet those interests, and spark discussion around those shared interests in order to grow your community. As for road traffic, well, if we could fix it we could.


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