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The Basics to Building a Powerful Brand

Posted by Anna Busby on Aug 19, 2015 9:16:28 AM

Brand building is the process of creating meaningful relationships with consumers through visual and verbal communication. This is a progression created by layers of research, creation and conversation; much like the layers of a cake. The best cakes have layer upon layer of carefully crafted, spongey goodness, and a homemade icing that fuses it all together. If you follow this recipe, you’re sure to serve your consumer the best slice of your business they can get.

The Basic Batter

The concept you have built your business on is your starting point. Identify the consumer needs you have recognized, the market you’ve chosen to be a part of, and the principles you built your business on. Whether it’s integrity, leadership, imagination or all of the above; be sure to reflect those values in every aspect of your business. Mix these concepts, standards and consumer needs together to create the perfect batter to start baking your business' presence.

Layering Your Cake

Your brand is your promise to the consumer. It should represent the benefits and quality consumers can expect from your product or service.  Start by asking yourself these questions:


A great example of a brand that answers all of these questions is Coca-Cola. They have countless campaigns that connect with consumers in meaningful ways. One such example is their Small World Machines- Bringing Pakistan and India Together campaign. They took special consideration in who they are serving. They recognized the historical tension between the nations of Pakistan and India, but they also recognized that the cultures and people were quite similar. They used this opportunity to allow people of both countries to connect as individuals rather than opposing political entities. Coke gave these people an opportunity to set aside their differences and focus on their similarities at a time and place convenient to them. They had a purpose and they meticulously planned this campaign on thier well-known quest to “share happiness.”

The Icing On The Cake

The icing is what makes your consumer want to take a bite of this cake you’ve created. To connect the aspects you have defined, you must ice them together with your mission statement, logo and slogan. Create a mission statement and customer promise that reflect the value your company can offer and the quality consumers can expect from that value. Integrate this statement throughout every aspect of your business.

When creating your businesses logo and slogan, be consistent. Just as you abide by your mission statement and company promise in all aspects of the business, having a simple, original logo that appears on all content will help with your brand recognition. Create standards by making templates for all of your marketing materials. And lastly, be true to your business. You wouldn’t bake a strawberry cake if you were iffy about strawberries, so don’t create a brand you don’t believe in whole-heartedly.

Building a brand is much like building a reputation. Reputations can be easily swayed by one negative opinion or aspect, just like one burnt layer can ruin the whole cake. Being consistent and careful is key. Pay close attention every step of the way and remain interactive across all platforms. With these tips, you truly can have your cake and eat it too.



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