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The Bountiful Benefits of Branding

Posted by Kelvin Mastin on Jun 25, 2015 9:14:54 AM

When you walk into a room, you come with everything you are. Your dreams, your sense of humor, and all of your habits follow you wherever you go. All of those things factor into your personality, and your personality is what makes your closest friends and family gravitate toward you.

5924495479_0f4c28289fYour friends and family love to hang out with you so they can experience the person you are. Great branding has the same effect for businesses.

Think of some popular companies you consistently do business with. What comes to your mind when you think about them? I'm guessing you think of the product, but you also think of the experience you have with them. Every interaction and every transaction, whether in store or on the web, creates that lovable experience that keeps you coming back for more.

But what exactly is a brand? According to contributor, Lois Geller, a brand is a collection of logos, words, type font, design, colors, personality, price, and service that make up a customer's experience with your company. Essentially, it is a promise of what your customer can expect to get when they do business with your company. 

This means that if you want to grow your business and retain customers, you need to spend time researching and crafting your public image. Here are some more reasons you should build a brand and stick to it.

A brand image turns customers into promoters.

People like to do business with a company that they can trust. Buidling a reliable brand creates trust between you and your customers, and that trust moves your customers to recommend your services over the competition. That trust turns your customers into promoters. 

A brand image makes you unique.

In an era where the market is saturated with thousands of businesses that do the same thing, what is going to make your company stand out? A good brand image can turn your company into a giant among normal men. 

Brand imaging impacts advertising.

Advertising should be an extension of your brand. The type of advertisements you choose will influence what potential customers think of your brand. This is where you have to be careful. Traditional advertising that focuses only on your product can ultimately hurt your business and your brand. Customers don't want to be beaten down with a product and told to buy it. But, if you can connect your product to the experiences of your customers, you can cut through the noise and reach the people you want for your business.

In some cases, a good brand image can be the only marketing your business needs. Global pop singer, Beyoncé dropped a surprise album in 2013 without having done one interview. Over the span of her career she and her team have built a brand so reliable that her album sold millions with no promo while other singers sell in the thousands with heavy promotion.

A good brand image kindles your employees' flames.

The key to keeping your employees productive and in love with their job is giving them something to work for. A good brand image that has a clear mission and purpose will instill a sense of pride and passion in your employees. It gives them something to get behind and push.

Brand imaging simply makes you more money. 

People have a habit of paying more for an experience than just a product. A great brand is what makes millions of people flock to Starbucks for coffee rather than a less expensive place. Consumers buy Apple products for the premium experience, not just the high end electronics. Also, a company sells more stock on the stock market if they have a reliable brand. Stockholders know that company is going to deliver on its promise so they trust that company with their funds. 

Branding is not something to skip over when building your business plan. A great brand image will endear you to your customers and make your company stand out in the crowd. Branding also influences your advertising, motivates your employees, and ultimately gets you more revenue. It makes your company more personable, and gives it a recognizable face that people can trust. Click the link below to learn more about how your business can use your brand to attract more potential customers to your business. 


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